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Why go Windows phone?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by eclipse01, Oct 4, 2013.

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    just wondering from the few people that have one, why you think it is the way to go?
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    Enjoy the can of worms you're opening. ;)
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    Not trying to, just want to know why Windows has (if anything special) vs other OS's
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    A can of worms buddy, a can of worms :D :D
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    There's nothing wrong with windows, everyone has different tastes and what you may deem important to you may not be to others.

    I still know people who are clinging on to their blackberries even though RIM has gone the way of the dinosaur.

    If HTC ever releases a dual boot phone, I would be open to give windows a shot.
  6. Jessica Lares, Oct 5, 2013
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    Jessica Lares

    Mmmm, worms, can I have those with extra sauce please? :D

    I went Windows Phone because it was cheap. You can get a crappy Android phone that is barely usable at that price, a used one that has been used a fair bit, or you get get a brand new 520 with the latest Amber update.

    I have Nextgen Reader that replaces Press

    BetterBookmarks works much better than the built in ones of any browser

    Sofa for journaling

    Easy Expenses for keeping up with money

    Due as my preferred task app

    Note+ as my notes app

    Songza just released a beautiful native client

    SoundHound is free

    Tapatalk is free and the WP version is awesome

    Freda+ is a great reader

    All the camera apps are great, the camera on the 520 is awesome

    There's this new Flickr client called Indulged that I really like

    Film Closet is great to look up film stuff and pin stuff for later

    I enjoy it lots.
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    cause they can

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    #1 reason why i want to try windows phone : Bored of android and ios and want to try something different. Will try it soon. I think people who use their phone as a productivity device will have very hard time switching and find lots of annoyances here, but for me my phones are pleasurable gadgets and all my work is done only on PC in offic :p
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    Because you don't know any better......
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    They don't even have instantgram to use with that 41 mp camera.

    Or candy crush
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    ...except the underlying code, the architectural layers on top of that code, and UI on top of that.
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    Michael Goff

  13. roadbloc, Oct 5, 2013
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    Fantastic OS in my opinion. The live tiles are great, the OS is solid and smooth even on budget hardware and the number of apps is constantly growing.

    One thing I do really like about it is how customisable it is without letting you go so far that you could start to brick or break your phone. A nice mid-ground between iOS (which isn't customisable at all) and Android (which you can do whatever the hell you want with).

    Just... what??
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    Yes, do please
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    While I primarily use an android phone now instead of my windows phone, Instagram is available via several third party apps, but yes candy crush isn't.
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    Do you have snapchat on there ? Just wondering how many main apps that people use are available
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    There was a third party snap chat app, but I'm not sure if it's still there. Seems like I read something about Snapchat having issues with their api being used. There is an unofficial vine app.
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    Snapchat isn't officially on the store. But Swapchat does the job just as well.

    This tends to be the case with the Windows Store. Official apps are lacking (although the main players like FB, YouTube and Twitter are there), but there are tonnes of unofficial ones that do the job just the same.
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    I think people go WP because it's different. It's not really better than iOS and Android, and you can make an effective argument that's it worse than both of them, but it comes from a different perspective with different concepts about layouts, home screens, notifications, etc.
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    Every normal everyday user I've come across with a windows phone has complained that it doesn't have any of the apps or games that their friends/family use and for the most part they're right. Lack of main, official apps is still the biggest problem with WP and until microsoft can assure developers that they're not half assing things and are serious about the platform, the situation won't get any better. Right now, Windows phone is best in the low end and that's not a bad thing. That's how you grow market share and expand.

    Nokia seems to be more serious about WP (HERE apps, camera customizations etc.) than MS at this point. The platform is great and has awesome potential but Microsoft needs to actually put some muscle behind it. I've considered going WP multiple times but just couldn't due to the lack of apps and other issues.
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    If you want to try windows phone, upgrade to ios7.
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    I currently own a Nokia Lumia 822 (brought it for cheap for $100 off craigslist). Had previously owned Lumia 920 and HTC 8x and Lumia 900. This is in addition to my usual high end Android phones and all the iphones.

    My opinion:

    Windows phone OS is a solid operating system. Windows phones tend to be a little cheaper than high end Android of iPhone devices. There are still some annoying things about Windows Phone OS like no true back button on the internet browser. No screen rotation lock which is ridiculous considering it's 2013. Microsoft has worked on the Windows Phone OS project for over 5 years and with their resources these things should have been there.

    But I don't see if advancing much unless more developers get on board. And developers won't get on board unless more people get on board. Classic Chicken and Egg situation. No HBO go, No epocrates, No Watch ESPN. No CBS apps. Yes it has Office and XBox but thats not enough.

    Google is trying to kill Microsoft in the mobile world. By not allowing Google based apps like youtube, Google is taunting Microsoft and making life miserable. You have to visit the youtube website within the browser. Most consumers don't like it.

    But right now Windows phones don't offer any wow factor that convinces someone to switch from Android or iOS.

    And brand new smartphone users want something with a more solid base. So they will gravitate towards iOS or Android.
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    Michael Goff


    Obviously typed by somebody who has no clue what WP actually provides.
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    Jessica Lares

    Perfectly fine with it not having Instagram. Dumped that garbage years ago. I don't want to be in the company of big named brands on a photo sharing website. They have no desire of getting a story across, they're just trying to sell your their latest product. Not to mention the brats who post 500 million pictures of themselves everyday these days.

    And with advertising now about to roll out, it's even more about brands than it is about sharing your life with people.

    And honestly, people make such a big deal about there only being third-party clients... How many of you actually USE the official Twitter client and not something like Falcon Pro, Tweetbot, and Twitterrific?

    As for Candy Crush Saga... You have got to be kidding me. :rolleyes:
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    It's all additive. I am missing epocrates for my quick medicine reference that's already on android and iOS for a long time.

    Someone may missing cbs, abc, watch espn

    Others are missing their financial apps. Surprised still no Amex app

    Adds up to a lot of people being turned off. And no official youtube app either. That's google doing it on purpose.

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