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Why has my Air gone from China to Germany to China to Korea?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by nick9191, Jan 3, 2011.

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    As the title says..

    My Air arrived in Germany today from Shanghai, it then went back to Shanghai, it's now in South Korea.

    11" 64GB CTO with 4GB RAM. Being delivered with UPS. I'm in the UK.
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    Could it even travel that far in such a short space of time?!

    Could be an error in the tracking system.
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    The computer was never in Germany -- the German office just handled the customs clearance. (Note the backwards jump in time after the Export scan in Shanghai -- Shanghai scanned the package, data was sent to Germany where it was 6 hours earlier, package was released by clearance agency 2.5 hours later, then your computer went on its merry way to Korea).
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    Ah cheers for that :) although re: the time jump, isn't that because it's in local time?

    And there was me thinking I was going to get it over a week before Apple's original quote of the 13th (although it's gone down to the 7th now, swings and roundabouts).
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    Too bad ya cant get sky miles on that puppy as well...!!! :p
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    Yes, the times reflect local time (but the difference is 7 hours rather than 6 as I stated earlier)
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    I saw the same on my MBA shipment, it seemed to go all over the place until it got here in france.

    Shanghaa-Korea-Kazakhstan-Warsaw-Roissy-Chilly-La Courneuve in between all that, was 4 visits to germany! but they must just handle the paperwork processing at each stage.
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    I used to always find it weird that I could see the Apple factory from my house, but if I ordered a Mac it would always be sent from Cork to Paris and back to Cork. Strange processes at work..

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