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Why I finally have faith in Apple Maps in the Fall

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by putongnihongo, Jun 24, 2013.

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    Ok there are some things apple does great. But the one fatal flaw of Apple culture can be called arrogance. It was arrogant of Forstall to assume tackling an internet service through a software perspective was sufficient. And because of this Apple paid a terrible price. One of my old classmates has recently become employed at Apple as a data scientist. He has been employed at various mapping companies and Garmin and as an Apple lover he felt he had a duty to improve on a product that he loves. Well the other day I was having lunch with him and although he keeps secrecy at a premium he seemed quite agitated. When I asked him what was the big deal he announced that Apple had come up with an ingenious way to solve the bottleneck that comes with mapping out data from many different sources. Of course he didn't give me any concrete details but kept on saying how the algorithms he helped design will revolutionize digital mapping and when they are finally put into action will blow away everyone that pissed on Apple Maps. Yes it is hearsay especially coming from an online forum but the key point is if people like my friend are truly involved with this project, people that truly believe in creating great experiences for customers, we are all in for a pleasant surprise. And luckily for me he said his next project involves Hong Kong and Singapore so here's hoping to better mapping solutions to cities I fly to all the time.
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    Whoa this sounds exciting! I hope you're not making this up :D

    I'm curious what this is . . . Can you be at all anymore specific?
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    Be careful this could possibly identify who your friend is. There are only so many people that deeply involved with maps.
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    This is interesting.

    Try and pry more information out of him... without getting him fired :D
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    Regardless of this is true or not, I'm optimistic.

    Question, why was he agitated? Seems like this would be good news.
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    Yes, you telling us your friend was agitated has me perplexed. Was he agitated because of the amount of stress this project is creating?
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    I'm sorry but the original post is full of fail. Apple hasn't found a magical way to make mapping data more accurate. Until Apple stops relying on so many 3rd parties, there will always be lots of integration issues.
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    Sky Blue

    Apple looks for:
    - Data Scientist
    - Worked for Garmin
    - Working on Hong Kong and Singapore

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    LOL I was thinking that exact same thing. OP you put way to much info in there to signify your "friend" you may have just got him fired.
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    Or you know, starts relying on the right third parties...again.

    Personally think Apple should've stayed out of "data" and let those who do it well (i.e. Google) keep at it. Seems like a bit of Pandora's box.
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    That's if they even exist. :apple:
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    Yeah. That's cool, but until they enable turn-by-turn directions on iPhone 4, I'm not interested and will stick with Google Maps.

    I'm not asking for full-blown Siri on my iPhone 4. And yes, I do plan to replace it in September since it's aging hardware. But I don't believe for a second that an iPhone 4 is incapable of text-to-speech. If Google Maps can do it, so can Apple.

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