Why I love my iMac...more reasons!

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by ebook, Sep 28, 2004.

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    I just thought I would through this out there in case anyone was thinking about or wondering why they should buy a new iMac G5. Now, not all these reasons are related specifically to the new iMac, but they all are in a way.

    The reason I love my new iMac is because of the cord/cable MONSTER I was able to get rid of underneath my desk and down the hall. This is what I was able to get rid of. One external hard drive because mine was only 20 GB. That took out 1 power cable and one firewire cord. One ethernet cable because I now have an AirPort card in my desktop. Also, because I was using wireless with my iBook I was able to get rid of the ethernet hub that split my internet connection to the old desktop and to my old AirPort Basestation. That took out one power cord. Also, I got rid of the ethernet cable running down the hall to the basestation so I could get reception on the other side of the house. Finally I nixed the external floppy drive because I didn't really need it and that took care of 1 power and 1 usb cable. Also, last but not least, I was able to ditch the usb hub and the 1 power cord and 1 usb cable to the computer. To total that up for you...under my desk was NINE cords that are now gone!! Also, as an added bonus I was able to move the DSL modem to a hidden location near my new Extreme Basestation so that took care of a few cords.

    Now under my desk I have THREE power cords...computer, speakers, printer! And plugged into the back of my computer all of the time I have TWO cords...printer usb and external speakers. Notice that I have BT keyboard and mouse.

    Finally, because I sprung for a AirPort Express I ditched the cd player and it's cables in the living room, and I'm in the process of boxing up cd's and putting them up on the shelf after I put them in the computer! Ahhhh.....I love my new iLife!
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    Post some photos for us! *please*
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    Can I be happy for you and extremely envious at the same time?!? :D
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    Geeze, here's what I have on my windows PC, I have cords for a keyboard, mouse, ethernet, power for pc, power for monitor, monitor cable, sound, my usb cradel for my ppc(pocket pc), usb cam., sound power cord, and its a mess. I should buy an iMac G5
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    Darn right you should!!! Of course you won't be able to get rid of the power for the computer, usb cradle, or sound, but everything else will be gone. Do it, spend the money...who cares!!! Just kidding, make wise financial decisions, but I do love my iMac.

    Another thing I didn't mention in this review is that the 20" monitor is GREAT!!! I love having multiple windows open at once!
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    I'm going to try and save up for either an iBook or a PowerMac G5 DP 1.8 GHz
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    There is a quite a difference of saving up factor there!!! What are you going to be doing on it? If you think that an iBook would work you might as well go with that and get it sooner rather than saving for a long time and getting over kill. Of course, the DP 1.8 may last you longer, but not really if all you are doing is e-mail, web, and office stuff.
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    I think I'll get the iBook, I like portability, but first I'm going to buy a PowerMac G3 off of http://www.baucomcomputers.com because I want something so that if I'm letting my PB charge I can use my PM, besides, I'm going to clean up my brothers room and make it mine, he moved out =D.
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    I too love my new iMac G5. I didn't opt for BlueTooth or Airport Extreme, and still it looks great. If you organize the cables wisely, you can't really see them. The one cable I notice is the keyboard cable, and I think it looks just fine the way I have it. The 20" screen is so nice and big it really blocks everything behind the computer. Now if only I weren't having this annoying memory bus issue...
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    Awesome! Just got mine today but too damn tired to move data and programs over or to attack the cable mess. Here is what I plan to do.

    Remove printer and hook to new Airport Express and hide printer in cabinet in my wall unit in another room; 2 cables gone.

    Can now lose my USB hub as BT was a dongle on my old Mac. Have no USB peripherals to use except Microsoft wireless mouse. Not digging my Apple BT- can't deal with returning to a one button mouse.

    Buy a cheap .b dongle or something for Toshiba laptop for work; lose Ethernet cable, router, router power cable.

    Move cable modem and Airport to hidden location; 3 more cables gone.

    What I'm left with. iMac power cord to wall. Thin white FireWire cable to iPod dock. Thin white Firewire cable to external FW drive, which I really don't need except for occasional backups. Might store that elsewhere and lose FW cable and power cord. External speakers/sub woofer. Toshiba laptop power cable and mouse. 1 less surge protector.

    I love my iLife too!!!!!
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    I know what you mean with amazing advances that you can achieve with an Airport Express and Bluetooth technology, wires are becoming a thing of the past. The only wires that I have on my computers are from the power supply (obviously, except on the Powerbook sometimes), and firewire for my iPod and DV Camera and USB for my Digital Camera but only when needed, so much of the time only the power supply. This all helps the desk look clean and organized, and it amazes people when i'm printing, surf the net, playing music on the stereo, using my mouse and keyboard without the need of wires. :cool:
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    I'd love to box up my CDs and put them in the attic, but I'm always going back and forth about quality.

    I can't decide if 128 AAC is enough (which is what I use now) or if I should use 192 MP3 (Which is what I used a while back) or something in between.

    ...I've already re-ripped my CD collection twice because I change my mind so damn much.
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    id say that those two bit rates and those two formats are the same in quality, now try and decide between 128 AAC and Apple Lossless or a higher AAC which is what i cant seem to decide
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    I love my new iMac G5 too!!!!!!!! Its so beautiful and blazingly fast!

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