Why I think I should switch

Discussion in 'Switch Stories' started by nate, Jun 28, 2003.

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    This is my computer desktop, unedited, windows ME...this is my E drive, it's 20GB. (don't ask me why it says 195GB)

    I'm new to macs. I'd like a mac. I just want a computer that works, not a computer to fix.

    I'm am peeved off, naturally. Windows really blows. Just think of all the corrupted data I have. WooHoo!

    Windows still works (well, it has never worked 100%, come on, it's windows ME for crying out loud), it's very slow, but I have other drives that are ok...so I can at least post this.

    This, I submit, to be my entry for why I want to switch--this is what really changed my mind. This is it.

    Windows, PC--your through. I'm going for something, ur I don't know, a little more--working, perhaps.

    I saw one of those lamp-shade macs...me thinks I'll take home a new lamp-shade mac as soon as possible. I'll pick up a very big hammer on the way home...guess who's going bye-bye Mr. PC, windows man. Yeah you. hehehe. SMASH! This ones for all the years of crashes and trouble you caused me. SMASH! And this one for--ah, what they heck SMASH! SMASH! SMASH! who needs a reason....SMASH!

    Picture is an original, unedited, except I shrunk the picture a bit for posting.


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    I can see the temptation!

    Jaguar is great--and Panther is even better (coming later this year--if you can wait, you'll get t bundled and not have to upgrade, but we don't know WHEN this year it will be done).

    Your Mac can connect to your PC and use your old files, so don't smash it TOO soon!

    My parents have the iMac, it's a great adjustable design. Also consider a laptop though--I love being able to compute anywhere. New PowerBooks are due in the coming days/weeks. The 12" or the 15" are in a similar price range to the iMac.
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    Re: Why I think I should switch

    dang dude. that was absolutely classic. you'll fit right in here. i mean crap, dude, you HAVE to submit your story to apple (on their switch page) when you get your new mac and just love it every bit as much as you thought you would.

    that image is great, i can't stop laughing... thanks man. i'm sorry it happened, but if it led you to us, then it's a blessing in disguise. welcome to macintosh.
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    ummmm send the PC to me... :D

    I don't like to see any computer destroyed :(.


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    you're sick, man! how can you think of robbing a man of his vengeance? it's his moment to make right all the problems it's caused him! here you should be congratulating him and empathizing, and it's "oh, dibs on your old computer!" you make me sick! ;) :p
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    lol. I know... I know... I would destroy my ummmmm... well..... no nevermind I would never destroy a computer. No matter how old/how sucky.

    It seems like some barbarian act to me.

    I'll weep for the poor thing while nate has his own little Boston Tea Party :).

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    Windows can be very annoying. I think you'll like the Mac, whether an iMac or some other Mac. Mac OS X is a very reliable system. The iMac is also a very nice-looking machine. Let us know if you need help with the switch. And welcome to the Mac community!
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    Re: Re: Why I think I should switch

    I couldn't agree more! You should send Apple your story. It reminds me of the movie "Office Space" when they get revenge on the printer/copier that never works right.
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    Don't bother upgrading to Win2000 or XP. After I upgraded a friends computer from ME, this is what her system looked like. Well, some files. On the plus side, after applying a bunch of patches and running Norton a bunch of times (kept crashing on me), it kinda worked a little better.

    Forget the iMac. Keep your current monitor (or get a better one) and get a cheap G4 Tower here. Upgrade the heck out of it. If you're a student or government, you can get even more of a discount. And you can even use the internal drives you already have. The Mac may be able to see it better than the PC.

    If you get an iMac, get an external firewire case to stick your hard drives in to transfer your files.
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    Yeah...for now I just have to format.

    My C drive works still, so I can use that part. My D and E are all messed up (on the same disk). I'm trying to recover what I can...the important files at least.

    I tried looking at apple, I didn't know where to find where I could submit the story.

    Unfortunatly, I'm a student, and students are poor--so getting a mac will take a while, cause I've go to save what I can--and believe me. I've got motavation now.

    I've printed off this picture to remind me to save. I can hang it up, it will motavate me.

    My FAT Table files are all messed up, even my portion is messed up. And this was scan disk--i think--recovery efforts. Didn't work.

    This directory only had less then 10 files in it before. I don't know how it changed to 90 files.

    I've found it neat that if I click on the files, windows can't find it, but it does have properties. The files, depending on which one you try out, has creation dates like 2041, 2024, etc. I think I had one created in 1950. Those of course, are not real creation dates, just random ones that the computer spat out. I think I have a few more directories like this...or at least just corrupted files. I've found a few.

    Anyway, I'll see how to send this to the apple people.

    nate :)
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    damn that is one funny picture.
    makes me so happy i dont use windows anymore.
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    Welcome to Macintosh

    ...nate! :p
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    If you don't have much $$$, buy a used or refurb from some place like PowerMax or Smalldog. Just don't pay more than it's worth. ;)

    In the mean time, have you tried Norton or any other utilities? I find that helps (re: helps, not fixes) some of my weird a** problems with my Windows machines.

    To qoute another member "Macs aren't perfect, but they certainly look that way compared to a PC".
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    yeah...norton was able to fix the Fat tables 'n junk.

    However, I lost a lot of data, which wasn't recoverable. Important data. grrr.

    anyway. I'll see what I can find.


    nate :)
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    you know, if you are going to call a File Allocation Table fat, you might as well call it phat...

    man, HFS doesn't have funny things to it like that. a shame, really ;)
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    Hey dude, if you do get the (lamp) iMac or another mac, make your PC a linux server. Would be real usefull
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    or at least just use to to fold.....

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    or @ least donate it to a needy skool ok...

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