Why is Charter Cable not a choice for HBO go for apple TV?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jlusk99, Jun 19, 2013.

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    I don't understand why Charter Cable is not one of the choices for HBO Go to set up on my Apple TV? I can use HBO Go to see on my computer, so what difference would it make to run it through Apple TV? Makes no sense whatsoever?


    Anyone know what the problem is?
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    My guess is that Charter just sucks.That's why I left them as soon as I had a choice.
    (meaning it's Charter's decision to enable it and chose not to)(probably)
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    If charter lets you use HBO GO on your computer or any other device, what purpose does it serve them to not allow you to use it on Apple TV? That makes no sense whatsoever to me? I mean I can still use it on my TV through Airplay, it is just way more inconvenient and the picture sucks.

    If they are let you use HBO go, why do they care what device you use it through? Totally stupid. Of course cable is a monopoly where I live so I'm stuck with this stupidity.
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    I have a friend who asked me about this. I figured it was just a glitch. Apparently not. Maybe it was a rights thing that didn't happen yet. I would send an email to customer service so maybe they'll pull and Xbox One-80.
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    Well I posted a question to Charter's Facebook page and this was their response:

    "We're excited about the advancements on Apple TV too! At this time Charter has not has not launched the HBOGO app. Our Product and Marketing teams will continue to work on getting access available, however, we do not have a launch date yet. You can still use HBOGO by accessing it through AirPlay Mirroring (instruction here: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht5209). Thanks for your patience."

    I don't know if they are just blowing smoke, but at least it looks like their may be hope. I don't know what the hold up is if virtually all the other cable companies offer it. At least in my area, Charter has great internet service so it would seem like technology is not the problem.
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    Same reason that DirecTV isn't participating.

    They're greedy, old-media d-bags!
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    As of today DirecTV is now available to use for HBOGo on the AppleTV. Just took a little public shaming on Twitter!
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    I can confirm that! The activation process is quick and painless! I'm watching Dark Knight Rises!
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    So why the ******* is available for just about EVERY cable and dish subscriber in the COUNTRY except Charter? If the app was developed by HBO what do they have to do to get it to work in their system?
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    I just went to try this for the first time today. How lame is that?! I think we all need to blow them up on social networks.
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    I was on their Facebook page asking why it wasn't available 1st thing yesterday.
    Good to see they finally came around :p
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    I wondered the same about Dish Network and Watch ESPN. It's basically old media thinking putting up a wall will keep people from doing something. That worked so well in Berlin.
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    You need to ask Charter.
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    Dozens of people have asked on Charter's twitter and Facebook page and they only have the stock answer that they are "excited" by the new offering through Apple TV and are "working on it". Sounds a lot different than the many sites that are reporting they refuse to authenticate it.
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    Wait, what?

    How does your ISP determine what content is available on your AppleTV?
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    You cannot use HBO Go unless you subscribe to HBO via your legacyTV provider, AND that provider also participates in the authentication process.
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    That's crazy.
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    The crazy part is the hbo go app works for those with charter on everything but the appletv. I can even airplay to the ATV just cannot use the app on the ATV.
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    Yes unfortunately a lot of cable channels work that way.After I cut my cable down to locals only(soon to be gone entirely)I ended up deleting apps like TBS because you have to be a cable subscriber to use it.

    I guess it will take a while to play out.TBS(for example)makes revenue from ads,but also a monthly per subscriber fee from your provider.If they let you subscribe directly they might see a backlash from carriers that would not be worth the small(at first)number of added direct internet subscribers.

    I suspect the landscape will change over the next few years with increased streaming and cord cutters.Maybe.
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    I just called Charter to see if I could get a response from a real person, and they are blaming Apple!!! They say they support it, but it's Apple's fault that Charter doesn't come up as one of the available choices in the list of providers when you are trying to set up HBO Go through Apple TV.

    I tried to explain what's going on with this problem and explained that no other cable company in the country other than Charter seems to have this problem, and she had no clue what I was even talking about.
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    Because Charter Communications sucks big dick and I want them out of my city, they like to their customers.
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    I started to reply to this a few days ago.

    You aren't going to call Charter and get anyone that knows anything about what Apple is doing. At best you're going to get someone reading a script, but that's only for issues that are common enough to get such treatment.

    Any communication between Apple and Charter will be at a corporate level and you're going to be visiting with a call center person, most likely at a local level.
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    Charter Communications sucks dick as a cable company, they make you pay $200 for a high speed internet that is not high speed, they block people from getting HBO Go on Apple TV, they make many false promises like TIVO, a new guide update or going all digital and adding more HD. Not only that but I made numerous complains about the internet how around 4:30 pm - 12 am I no longer get 50 Mbps and they send someone over to check and tell me there is nothing wrong and their excuse is TRAFFIC, yeah sure if everyone is connected to my internet because around those times my speed is 2 Mbps and I wonder how that is traffic related and why this is happening in the last 3 months but never before. I wish this cable company would just die off and someone else takes there place in my City and do not bother asking for discounts on your bill they only care for new customers only, they are special.
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    I don't see how you could pay $200 for their broadband. My 50Mbit/s service from them is like half that with no bundle.
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    Not just for internet service I get cable to such as HBO, Showtime and etc. I get pretty much everything except the Spanish Tiers, 2 paid Armenian channels and a Philippine language channel. I use to get a discount that just expired and the price is insane now.

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