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why is everyone not loving their ipod touch.

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by iperson21, Oct 2, 2010.

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    i seriously dont understand why everybody is complaining about the ipod touch 4g. some people are even saying that they prefer their 2g over their 4g.
    the 4g is better in every aspect.
    and don't even complain about the camera.
    would you rather have 2 cameras, or no camera?
    fine, the ipod touch 4 is inferior to the iPhone 4, but apple makes so much more money off of the iphone 4 over time since they keep part of the money from the contracts... so maybe 500+ for a 16gb iP4, and 600+ for the 32gb model after the 2 year contract.

    even if the ipod touch is slower than the iphone 4, its still amazingly fast for a device for that amount of money.
    if you think that the ipod touch 4 is too slow for you, go to apple, but an iphone 4, then cancel the contract.
    have fun with that -.-
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    I'm not complaining.
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    Tell me you're joking, right?

    Have you been brainwashed or something?

    In case you haven't noticed (or have been in Antarctica for the past few weeks), a lot of people have been complaining about the lack of quality control on the new iPod Touch amongst other things (and the fact that it's not as good as the previous ones in various areas)

    So what if it's got a slightly faster processor or a crappy camera? Who gives a frak!

    For anything up to $399 excluding taxes, you expect a lot more for your money than a crappy camera, slightly improved picture and slightly improved processor!

    The people who are complaining have every right (myself included) to be pissed off at Apple (and in some cases, at Steve Jobs in particular!) for the fact that the new iPod Touch isn't the big improvement that it could have been...

    If you're happy with the way that the new iPod Touch turned out to be, fine, be my guest, but at the end of the day, people aren't happy at how things have turned out with it, and I can guarantee you that there are quite a few people who won't be buying one next year after the hassles with the new one.
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    Why is everyone opening pointless topics?

    I'm pretty happy with the features of the new iPt. The QC on the other hand really sucks with the 4G.

    I already sent mine in for repair with obvious lightleaks and they just sent it back unchanged. They claim that tey couldn't reproduce the problem. The next repair is pending as I instantly complained. I'm waiting eagerly whether the replcement-unit will be ok.
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    Well...if you bought a 1G touch, and then a 2G you did the same thing. Or if you had a 2G and got a 3G. Or a 3G to a 4G. or a 2G to a 4G. Or a 1G to a 3G. And every time you paid the brand new amount. I see the 4G touch as the biggest upgrade out of all the variations.

    Get what I'm going at?

    NO company makes devices all superior the next time around, then no one would buy the next gen. If the 4G had a 5MP camera, flash, IPS, radio, GPS, 512MB RAM, and so on, why would anyone buy the 5th gen?

    I went from a 3G 32GB to a 4G 32GB btw.
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    Got my first iPod touch today. It's pretty good. Screen is amazing and web browsing is good. Video camera is decent, but stills are as we know; pretty poor.

    I need to jailbreak it though. But that's another story :rolleyes:
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    Seriously, who said they prefer their 2G over their 4G. You said "some" so I would imagine that would be at least 2 different people.

    And yes there have been plenty of complaints about the new Touch.What I don't get is why people who don't have the problems want to bitch about the people who do have the problems. That is insane. Be happy if you don't have problems. Just don't bug the people who do.

    My new iPT4 has a small light leak in the volume buttons and the clicking recorded video(wifi ON). IMO not enough to return it.

    Seriously, who said they prefer their 2G over their 4G.
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    Exactly, I agree 100%. Many new iPod touch owners are too overhyped about 4gen, becasuse of their purchase, so they want to be confident and fully happy about it. They're just too hyped to admit touch 4gen lacks in many areas, but that's their right to stay happy about new toy. However, from the realistic point of view, there's a lot to complain. I've owned touch 1gen, 2gen and 3gen and I'm pissed at what Apple did with 4gen touch. That's definetely not what many people wanted.
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    I won't be buying it. I still don't understand why Apple cannot make it just like the iPhone 4, but without the phone, and include 3G. If you need a phone, you need a phone, and you'll buy the iPhone. Why is there such a fear of cannibalization? The iPod Touch caters to a different crowd.

    I have a Blackberry for work, because they mandate that I use it, but I'm definitely not going to run out to the Apple store and buy an iPhone and have two phones just for the feature set alone. On the other hand, I would buy an Ipod touch for the same features, without the phone bill....

    Again, Apple keeps hamstringing the iPod Touch thinking that they will just get consumers to buy the iPhone 4 for the better features...but they've left out those that already have phones, which is a big segment of consumers. Bad move Apple.
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    BLACKS ARE NOT BLACK. Not happy :(
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    Can you take a picture or something? Blacks sure look black on my screen.

    Anyway, just got my 4th gen yesterday, theres not too much that is different apart from the awesomely clear screen and camera.

    I'm beyond happy with mine. :)
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    Much better.
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    I am, don't worry
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    It's pretty grey if you compare it with the non-screen part.
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    My power button stopped working. Now I have to wait for them to send me a replacement. Didn't happen with my 2g.

    Now answer me this: Why is it you don't know when to use the shift key to capitalize when appropriate?
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    Um... you sure you aren't one of those guys that is overly sensitive to that kind of thing? My background is mostly black, and to my eyes its black.
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    The backlight 'dilutes' the black to grey. :(
  18. EJR
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    In theory, the 4th gen Ipod Touch is a great little gadget. Problem is, after four tries, I still wasn't able to get one without some kind of defect. From broken buttons to gigantic light leaks, what I had to deal with ran the gamut. Maybe I was just unlucky, but come on.

    Regardless, I do have one qualm about the device, and it really stems from the fact that it is a bit too small for my liking. Some people thought that the 2G/3G design wasn't all that great, but from my personal experience, it was a very sturdy gadget. I have fairly large hands, so downsizing the ipod touch only made it harder on me to use it, let alone the fact that it felt about 10x more flimsy.

    Barring that problem, I really did like the inclusion of the Retina display. It's a great feature, and it'll be sorely missed as I use a previous generation ipod touch going forward. My cellphone takes much better pics/vids than whatever the ipod touch could take, so that really didn't mean much to me. A4 chip makes things faster, which is great, but I'm pretty sure it also is the culprit for the much hotter temps. My old 2G never got nearly as hot as any of the four 4th gen ipod touches that I used, which is a darn shame. I can wait a few more seconds if it means my hands won't be burning while I'm surfing the internet.

    Hopefully next year they'll introduce a new design, but I'm not holding my breathe. Just'll have to make due I guess until 6th gen :rolleyes:.
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    Lord, don't encourage them.
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    Shouldn't he be dropping a plugged in iphone in a bathtub? He asked a question like that over on the iphone forum. :rolleyes:
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    I asked my friends who have the new iPod touch to see if they had any of the problems. NONE of them do. This is with 6 different iPod touches purchased at 5 different locations and at different times. No light leaks, no clicking, nothing. I asked for video samples to make sure and pictures of the iPod touch screen on while in a dark room. Nothing. I think people are just looking for any little thing to complain about, whether it's actually there or just superficial.
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    Seriously though, last year it was "pfft. no camera? Apple fails again." This year it's "pfft. .7 MP camera? 720p video? crappy front camera? only 256 MB ram? Apple fails again."

    I hate all of you.
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    It's called "complaining"! I'd look it up in a dictionary or Google it if you don't know what a dictionary is!:p
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    I chuckled :p
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    And you're basically saying that people shouldn't be allowed to complain about the product they've spent up to $399 (or more, depending on which part of the world they live in) and it's faulty or other things they find fault with?

    You don't work for Herr Jobs by any chance, do you?:p

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