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Why is Firefox such a RAM hog?

Discussion in 'Mac Applications and Mac App Store' started by Peter Griffin, Sep 17, 2005.

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    I run on 512 RAM and it's unbearable sometimes when I have Firefox running since it takes up appx 80 mb of ram as opposed to the 20ish mb that Safari takes. I was just wondering, apart from all the extensions I use which surely contributes to this, why Firefox is so buggy and eats up so much RAM. Is there another browser which provides similar extensions as Firefox without all the hassles?
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    which version are you using? The new beta 1.5?
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    No, I'm using 1.0.6. Is there any difference?
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    Duff-Man says...if anything, a beta version is *more* likely to suffer from memory problems like leaks etc...but having said that I have yet to try the 1.5 betas. I might suggest however that if you have memory (or other) problems with Firefox (or any other Mozilla product) that you get in touch with the programmers through their website and blogs at Mozilla.org - I think you will find that they are fairly responsive to feedback to their efforts....oh yeah!
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    Firefox isn't exactly a nice program on OS X. Try Camino instead. Here: http://homepage.mac.com/krmathis

    And as for Mozilla programmers getting back to your concerns- Firefox for Mac has bugs from 5 years ago that still haven't been fixed. Camino has dozens of checkins a day. Serious Mozilla for Mac programmers choose Camino. Camino is about to go 1.0 and it already blows Firefox out of the water. Try it out!

    Good luck :)
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    Camino is bad cuz you can't copy+paste

    i like the look of FF more even on macs

    try using FireFox on iMac G4 256mb 1.25ghz with iTunes, AIM ect on tiger

    thats my bros set up he needs more RAM BAD!! i have 4x as much ram and a better chip yet he does video editing. Im working like crazy to get him more RAM!!
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    Not being able to cut-and-paste in Camino? I just tried it, and it seems to be working. Are you sure you're running version 1.0? That's a bug from 0.84…
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    Copy and Paste works for me on Camino as well.
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    Firefox only takes up 80 mb for you? What is your secret? Firefox for me takes up 200+mb!!!
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    Wow are you serious? How many extensions do you have? I have around 3-4 which should more or less contribute to ram usage.
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    I think for a web browser with a few tabs open it should take up about 50-80mb not really a RAM hog...

    Anyhow i suggest you swithc to camino much better browser,

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    Safari. 20MB? Uh oh.. Mine is taking up 275MB... lol Firefox is 117MB
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    currently have the exact same twleve tabs in each of firefox and safari. They are currently using 50-54 MB and 41-44 MB respectively. Firefox is using more memory, but nowhere near the 80 and 200 MB some of you are reporting.
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    Get more RAM and empty your cache occasionally (once a day).
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    my top is 120 on my pc. mac, i don't know. it averages around 40 Mb at start and starts to climb. i think lowering the cache and memory storage will help. i don't know much really, but everytime you restart the entire app, it goes down to normal and starts climbing again.
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    According to top in bash my firefox is using 34.5MB of RAM, while its Virtual memory is allowable up to 154MB on my iBook, it runs faster and better than 1.0.6 I can sure say that. I'm using 1.5 Deer Park Beta. THey've improved quite a bit on it.

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