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Why is my 27" iMac so hard on my eyes?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by discofuel, Jul 28, 2010.

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    I'm finding my 27" iMac really hard on my eyes. I've set webpages to display in larger font sizes and I've turned down the brightness but it's killing my eyes!

    I can use my 13" MBP for hours without a problem.

    Anyone else have the same problem or have a solution?
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    How far away is your screen from your eyes?
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    Back of my desk which is just over an arms length away or about 30 inches
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    Screen too bright

    In my experience, the iMac screens, including the current models, are all too bright for extended use even on the lowest brightness setting. I can't use one for more than an hour. My solution? Shades by Charcoal Design.

    Basically, Shades overlays the screen with (usually) black, effectively dimming the display. The backlighting is still as bright as before, but the colors are all darker shades. After installing Shades, I can use an iMac all day long without problems.

    Good luck.
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    I've noticed LED monitors are pretty hard to stare at. Feels like your eyes are being burned out.
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    Try the shades program. Also, perhaps check on your room lighting conditions. Lastly, I'd consider your own vision; you may be more sensitive than others.

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    It may be that the LEDs in the display flashing at you at the pace of about what.. 300 flashes a second, is too much for your eyes?
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    you're not suppose to look at a monitor for too long anyways. look away at distant object every half an hour or so
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    My 27" used to kill my eyes in less than 30 minutes. Went back to the 21.5 and all is good. Do not know why but the 27" seemed over sized for my smaller desk.
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    Thanks that's really helped
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    Thing that I've noticed as well is that at default settings, the 27 inch is a much whiter panel than that of the Macbook Pros or even the smaller iMacs. I had one, and I had to get rid of it almost entirely for this reason, it was exhausting to do anything on for any length of time.

    Bought a 21 inch after that, but their panels are total garbage, completely orange by comparison, and because there are no options to change RGB values on the screen, couldn't calibrate it, so I got a refund.

    I'm done with iMacs.
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    Occasionally do something else.

    Instead of staring at it for an hour straight, just occasionally look somewhere else. Or even take a quick break to get a drink?
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    Hey look! A bit to your left... no further, further... That should do it :D
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    Wait a minute, I thought that the panel types in both the 21.5" and 27" were the same. Are you saying that 27" iMacs have better panels?

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