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Why is the Palm Pre Making Apple Tremble?

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 3, 2009.

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    I'm pretty sure there pissed because they have 2 former Apple employees leading the way.
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    I didn't think they were making Apple tremble. first of all, the Pre is only on Sprint, second, its not full touch screen (meaning it has a keyboard). It does have a better camera. Really, other than that, I haven't been able to find anymore specs than those.
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    Argh! I feel like I've been Rickrolled again!
    Once again AppleMatters misses the point.
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    Keyboard, better camera with focus support, bluetooth A2DP, USB mass storage, MMS, replaceable battery, etc. Basically, all these good things that Apple of course does not support. Add to that a seemingly compelling OS from what I have seen. Of course this will make Apple feel a bit uncomfortable.

    Personally, I've been waiting for something like this... Will be very interesting to see how it goes.
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    You mean just like how the iPhone is only on AT&T?

    But yeah, Apple definitely wins on the software keyboard part, though I'm impartial to a physical keyboard.
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    The Pre is new.

    Wait until the next version of the iPhone is released. I am sure there will be many improvements which will keep the iPhone competitive.
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    OH noes!

    The html Javascript OS will own all our bases!!!!!


    Show me a ecstatic palm pre supporter and I will show you a person that simply ignores mobile market realities.

    How in the world in a combo of HTML and javascript compelling when one has a objective c / cocoa touch core animation etc OS out there showing the world what an OS can be.

    50 cents will get you a buck says you are not a developer.....

    Meh. Palm is dying. The pre just gave it until this time next year before it runs out of money AGAIN.

    Oh. and the Pre store?

    Sure. Developers are going to build html web "apps" and "sell" them WAY MORE then the app store...

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    I haven't read the article yet, but I think alot of the hype is around the web OS, and being able to run multiple applications at a time, much like you would on your everyday computer. I honestly don't see the pre going much further than the first couple weeks of hype that surrounds it. The iPhone already has such a huge base and so many good apps it is hard to see people buying the Pre when they could get an iPhone. Some people really miss the actual keyboard though. It definitely isn't something to just look over like the Blackberry Storm, it has some potential. I think the market is just going to be wrong for it when it comes out.
    And I am not saying I would get one over an iPhone, but it is always good to learn from the technology that others make, and see where it leads to. :apple:
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    I read both articles.... LOL...

    A $399 Palm based Smartphone on Sprint, yes, Apple and AT&T are soooooo worried.... :rolleyes:
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    IJ Reilly

    This article stinks to high heaven. Maybe, just maybe, the reason why Apple hasn't sued the makers of any of the "thousands" of iPhone clones is because none of them have invaded Apple's patents and trademarks. They haven't sued Palm over the Pre either, so it's premature (so to speak) to suggest that Apple is using lawsuits "as a business model." Have any of Apple's products succeeded because Apple used lawsuits to eliminate or intimidate the competition? If you're going to make this argument, at least one example would seem to be the minimum requirement. The suggestion that Apple was ever "counting on a payoff from Microsoft to keep the company going" is simply erroneous, so that one won't work.
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    Because Palm has a track record of ripping off Apple's IP.

    The Palm Pilot, the company's only success, is a blatant copy of the Newton made with miniaturized parts. The Newton was a little too big and clunky to fit into a shirt or jacket pocket. A few years after the Newton was killed, smaller components became economically viable and the Palm Pilot was born. Apple was too weak at that point to mount a prosecution of Silicon Valley's rising star.

    Now that the roles are reversed, Apple is making it clear that they are not going to let those talentless hacks at Palm parasitically suck the genius of Apple for their financial gain. . . again.
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    oooooh, snap......

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    has there ever been a device locked on the sprint network that has made any company tremble? i dont believe i can recall any phone sprint has offered that has made people switch over to the sprint side...
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    IJ Reilly

    I don't see it. If Palm had invaded Apple's patents or copyrights, they would have been sued. No company is ever "too weak" to defend their intellectual property, not especially a technology company. IP is their primary asset. This only emphasizes the basic flaw in the argument made in this article that Apple uses lawsuits as "business plan." This may sound like an appealing argument, but there's simply no evidence to support it -- none presented in the article, and very probably none in existence, period.
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    :eek: you're scaring me

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    So where are those >10 million Pal Pre users? Ah, the handset isn't out yet.

    Apple's time to release is months, years. So the handset for this year has been in development for a long while (and if it's anything like the 1st handset, it might be in development right up until mass production - not sure if the iPhone 3G was the same ).
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    has there ever been a device locked on the sprint network that has made any company tremble? i dont believe i can recall any phone sprint has offered that has made people switch over to the sprint side...
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    Actually, that is a claim that is absolutely not based in reality. In fact, patent lawsuits are ALWAYS won by the company that has more money (at least in the US). Which is why MS's threats against Linux were extremely effective, although everyone knew it was BS.

    Essentially, it comes down to who has enough money to last the lawsuit. One side is going to get bankrupt, if a lawsuit is fought till the end. Both sides are probably going to lose money (because lawyers charge so much, especially patent lawyers). Most cases are settled, and the smaller company almost always does not get its efforts worth...
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    IJ Reilly

    It depends on the facts. Clear violations of IP rights will be settled in favor of a smaller company if the facts clearly dictate. Microsoft has lost some of these suits against much, much smaller companies. Most importantly, the concept that Apple was ever "too weak" to defend its IP is just wrong. Even using your logic that the biggest firm nearly always wins, Apple was far, far bigger than Palm during the mid-90s. If Apple thought they had an IP violation case against Palm, you can be certain that they would have sued them.
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    Where was it ever said that Apple said anything specific about the Pre? If I remember right, when a journalist questioned Cook or someone (I forget), he made a general statement, carrying the conversation away from Palm. Is everyone reading way too much into that?
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    IJ Reilly

    Good point, but I think the remarks were properly taken as a shot across the bow.
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    Didn't MS say that about WM before the first iPhone shipped :p

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