Why is the Pismo faster on the internet than an ibook g4?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by kmarketing, Jan 14, 2007.

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    I have been enjoying my recently acquired pismo g4 500. Typing on it feels wonderful, and I'm so glad that I got it. We also just got an ibook 1.2ghz (768mb memory), and for some reason, the pismo loads internet pages faster.

    I'm just wondering why that is. The pismo does have 1gb memory, but the bus speed is slower. Is it the l2 cache? I'm definitely not complaining, but I'm very curious how this old little bugger keeps ticking!

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    Still think the Mac OS or Applications forum would be a better place to put this thread, but I found it nonetheless.

    It sounds like a DNS problem. Let's try to see if this fixes it before moving on.

    1. open your system preferences
    2. goto network panel
    3. select your primary method of connecting to the internet (airport, Ethernet)
    4. Click configure
    5. Select TCP/IP tab
    6. Enter "" in DNS servers. (without quotes)
    7. Click "Apply Now".

    Browse for a little bit and see if you are still having a problem.
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    isn't that openDNS

    i personally don't like OpenDNS. it doesn't seem to work any faster for me, and when i type in a page without entering .com after it it goes to a page and asks me if this is what i want, and i have to click on it again. it doesn't intuitively default to .com

    there was another quirk i found it had i didn't like (alas, alack, i can't remember what it was now)

    i doubt if his newfound pismo already has OpenDNS on it. don't most people just do a fresh OS install and erase all before letting it go out the door?
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    I doubt it has it too. That is why I am asking him to try it.

    I agree with your first gripe and I have one to add. When developing locally, OpenDNS attempts to locate localhost on their search pages. works, however.

    I'm not totally in love with OpenDNS, but I know it is fast and it will allow us to see if kmarketing is having DNS problems or not.
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    you are correct. sorry i blurted in -- i just didn't want OP to think opendns was a panacea
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    So you think that there is a problem with the ibook?

    I had just loaded tiger on it also, and I definitely don't know much about what you are mentioning.

    I'm not saying the ibook is slow, it's just that the pismo is even faster. But now I'm even more concerned about the ibook!

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    Umm, yeah. Try what I suggested on the iBook and post your results.
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    How much free space is there on the iBook's hard drive?
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    Both are 60gb hard drives.

    the ibook has a fresh install of tiger so both are at about 50gb (60gb is really 55+).

    Actually the more we use the ibook, the more we like the pismo. I think we may just sell it and look for something else.

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    What operating system and browser is the pismo using? I think it may be a case of the pismo has a basic browser like IE 4.0 that is only loading the html and not the css. Not sure if its called css?
    Also try this
    I found that the speed up was very noticable when this was applied
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    both have recent installs of tiger and i am using safari.

    I have to say though that when I got the pismo, I thought it was especially quick on the net (much better than all the g3 pismos I ever had), which is why I decided to keep it. I know it has a 4200 hd and all, but it really loads the pages fast.

    Not sure if its the g4 processor and 1gb memory or what, but I think its more the pismos speed rather than there being something wrong with the ibook.

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    Tiger LOVES running on a Pismo, that's for sure, especially with 1GB RAM.

    My setup is Tiger plus 1GB RAM, 5400 rpm hard drive, but it's a G3 400. Still flies though, and is a joy to use.

    Sadly, it's for sale--but I'm spreading the joy.
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    So... did you try my suggestions in post #2?

    I'm still waiting to help you...
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    Thanks for your help and suggestions.

    I ended up selling the ibook, so I guess this won't be an issue. I really appreciate everyone's ideas and opinions on this.

    I'm just leaving it as the pismo is speedy on the net. I'm really impressed with it.


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