Why is the Powerbook less durable than the iBook?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by princealfie, Apr 14, 2006.

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    :eek: I was thinking that the Al, Ti PB and MBP are not as "durable" as the iBooks. Strangely enough, the Powerbook and MBP are considered professional level laptops and I am puzzled why the professional version is not as tough as the consumer level iBooks?
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    They're a bit more prone to scratch and dent when compared to the plastic iBook.
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    I think they make iBooks out of similar materials as bullet proof glass, that's certainly not to say an iBook is bullet proof, it's just mean to take a few knocks in a backpack or what have you.
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    ibooks are for school/home/kids environments that are prone to accidents, powerbooks/MBP's are designed for pro's who want speed and a small form factor and they are more likely to be more careful with their kit
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    Heres a conspiracy theory:

    Since "professionals" probably make more money they are more like able to replace their dented or scratched machines more often if it really bothers them. They know a poor student/consumer wouldn't be able to replace their computer as easily if this happened so they made it more durable.

    I dunno though..just an idea
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    careful -- you might see a few men in sunglasses, black turtle necks and blue jeans knocking on your door for that one <-- they'll do anything to keep you SILENCED
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    Yes, but from a view of the professional photographer, when I'm out in the field, I'm always freaked out about keeping my powerbooks from being knocked over by a client or critter...:mad:
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    Besides the hinges, the TiBooks are durable as hell...
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    This is BS. I've had both and my iBook was unbelievably easy to scratch (as easy as the nano's). My powerbook doesn't have a single scratch in it...now dents...maybe. I don't have any of those either....then again. I look after my stuff.
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    Yeah, they are just harder to see on the iBook.
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    It's even simpler for me. My **** just doesn't scratch, because I treat it good. What on earth do you guys do to computers that make them scratch and dent? Just take good care of it and nothing happends.

    The reason the pro laptops are aluminum is because they let off more heat, and aluminum lets the heat out more efficently than the bullet proof plastic or whatever.

    I'm planning on getting a macbook pro soon, and if it ever gets one scratch or dent, I will give everyone on this site $1000. I'm not kidding. I just don't let my stuff get damaged. I'm a responsible guy.
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    I agree if you take care of it. However, if you are out in dirty or questionable environments like the forest or in the middle of an industrial complex with airborne grease, then is the powerbook all that?:eek:
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    Be careful my friend, its blanket statements like that, that lead to the inevitable...:eek:
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    I don't think anything apple sells will last long in that kind of industral setting. Heck, I doubt I'd last long in that kind of setting. i think its mostly marketing, but I do see a fair amount of dented, scratched, and chiped Powerbooks at school while most - if not all - of the iBook's I see look nearly new.

    I won't be trading down anytime soon though. :D
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    ... and a bag of chips. :D

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