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Why is there several 1080p options in 10.6?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Full of Win, Mar 22, 2010.

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    Full of Win

    I hooked my laptop up to my TV, and it had three 1080p options. No attentional information was given on the display tab, other than three different 1080p options. Are they different frequencies. Is one better than the others?
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    What were the three options you have been given by your TV or Mac?

    Do you mean additional instead of attentional?

    What TV and MacBook do you have and what settings did you use in System Preferences > Displays, eg. resolution, Mirror Displays, ...?

    What adapter do you use?
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    Have you tried all three to see if there are differences? I think maybe it is asking which frame rate you want to use to display 1080p content.
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    Full of Win

    Mystery solved I think. In the pull down menu, it gave me three options for 1080p. However, when I opened the panel, it had three frequencies to choose from. I'm guessing the three 1080p's are these three frequencies. Is it a flaw/bug, since the Hertz is listed for the other resolutions, except for 1080p. Don't know.

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    No that is correct. It knows that your tv can handle 1080P at those frequencies. Also just a little hint if you put it on 24Hz your mouse will be very laggy and any 60fps video will have mismatched audio. Only put on 24Hz for watching 24P Bluray titles. If you use Plex their is information on their forums about using this apple script to change in between those for different video content.

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