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why isn't Lion everything i want it to be?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by fisherking, Jul 30, 2011.

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    really. i love these forums, a great place to:

    get help. rant. help others. find workarounds, fixes, great shareware apps.

    but the whining..! we keep waiting excitedly for the 'next' OS X, eager for change. then, when it comes, we bemoan the...changes.

    why did they change this? that? why doesn't Lion do things the way I think they should?

    i love Lion, so far. YES, it's full of bugs, and yes, i don't agree with the way some things work. but overall, it IS a change from SL, and some of it is great.
    either way, it seems fast, efficient, and more important than the OS itself...i can get my WORK done.

    so i am going to focus on threads here with tips, fixes, needed help, and avoid the "why isn't Lion everything i want it to be?" threads, from now on (which, sadly, means avoiding this VERY thread.

    end rant. :cool:
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    Patrick J

    It’s a pity you couldn’t rant into Textedit and then delete the file.

    PS - Don’t forget to delete any Versions it might have saved.

    PPS - Don’t forget to exit the app the special way so Autosave doesn’t reopen your rant.
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    yes, things change. don't let that scare you (it might even save something u needed some time). personally, i don't care about versions (yet), but hey..
    move forward, or get left behind... :D
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    I think some of the same things with threads I have read recently. Bitching to us gets nothing accomplished.
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    And the purpose of this was...
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    Patrick J

    About the same as the purpose of this?
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    because, what you might want it to be, might not be, what everyone else wants?

    Just Sayin...................;)
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    This thread is worse than those threads you whine about.
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    Patrick J

    I’m whining about this comment. Hows that?
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    Forums are very much about complaining. Could you complain to your girlfriend about how lame Lion is? No, she'd think you're stupid. That's why we come here.
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    i love that; i DO complain to my GF about it (she just smiles).

    i'm just amazed at how many people whine about things that sometimes they're just missing... or how we crave 'new and different', then get upset when things ARE new and different.

    anyway...whatever. just my opinions of course. now back to tweaking, learning, posting questions (and when i can, posting answers).
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    Accent Audio

    I think instead of us all continuing to whine and complain about the bugs in Lion, that we should be taking our findings to Apple and report them. I understand the need to vent, but geez this get's out of hand. If we all start working as Apple's beta testers (like they secretly intend) we can reach a stable OS much much faster...

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