why it's never a good idea to take eBay photos in the nude.

Discussion in 'Community' started by cb911, May 29, 2003.

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    this is a link from Kaliber 10000. they have a section with links from all over the place. i thought it was funny so i thought i'd post it.

    i'm not too sure about how suitable it is though, but i think it's OK. ;) :D

    Why it's not a good idea to take eBay photos in the nude: eBay item :eek:

    more eBay weirdness & fun: mochunk.net
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    Mr. Anderson

    Other items like this have been posted before - and I don't think its by mistake that people do it. They're getting off on posting subtle shots of themselves naked in highly visible places. Kind of creepy :eek:

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    when my friends sell stuff on ebay they host their own pictures for the item and as soon as its over they replace the pics with porn...someone reports them and ebay refunds all fees associated with the auction..
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    i've never come accross stuff like this before, so it kind of caught my attention.

    it can't be deliberate!! UGGHH!!!:eek: then again, why would someone take photos in the nude?? :eek: but it's not a really clear photo (thankfully). it could be anything.;)

    the stuff over at Mochunk is heaps better. some funny stuff there.:D
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    I haven't been to the link but I think I know what it is.

    I'm guessing that it is a metal, and reflective object.

    A kettle (metal and reflective) was shown on "The Panel" and Australian talk show (late night).
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    lol:D doesnt he have a small one....:D
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    So has a female taken a photo of an item in the nude, and then posted it on eBay? :p
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    Mr. Anderson

    Good question - all the few, I think 3 with this one that I've seen have been male......

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    Thats pretty weird. I bet that he knew that there was a relection in that. :eek:
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    I also can't imagine that he didn't notice the reflection! He may be one of those that gets a charge out of that sort of thing! :confused:
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    That is really really sad.

    Comeone people he obviously wanted it that way.
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    Anybody willing to bet that some of these photographers spend some of their time memorizing the Table of eBay Contents to see what they can get away with?

    If I had to stare at some guy's willie it better be just before it goes into a small, hairy opening. And I don't mean into a fat guy's security cuffs. :eek:

    At my H.S. ebay.com is blocked, but www.ebaysucks.com is not. Bravo for Novell, now 1 for 100. :rolleyes: [​IMG]
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    talking about Australian TV shows... this is a bit off the topic, but i just happened to flick over to 'The Secret Life of Us' the other night & that dude had a 12" iBook that had just crashed. then this chick came in & did the old CMD + S for single user mode and typed some stuff in a saved all the unsaved data. then the guy was like "whoa!! you a God!!" i wish i got that sort of reaction i did cmd + s in front of someone! :D
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    Novell, us too, PC?
    They blocked a few language translation sites from us.

    Strange smiley...
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    It's classified as a condition in some people.
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    You have some real sharp eyes scem0! Don't think I could see that one! It's definitely not obvious like the first picture!
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    Don't know if you're being sarcastic but go back and click on the picture of the serial number on the guitar neck. It's blatantly obvious.
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    I wasn't being sarcastic! I was looking at the wrong photo, thank you! ;)
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    Lol, no problem...I wish there were woman that actually did this kind of thing though. I don't really like looking at creepy old guys.
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    spot the person with the insecurities...
  23. job
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    KC likes 'em hairy... ;) :eek: :D

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