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Why men talk about themselves?

Discussion in 'Community' started by mymemory, Jul 23, 2004.

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    I heard that a long time ago and is actually thru in me, I'm allways talking about the things I do, specially when dating, and I can hardly remember anything about my dates :rolleyes:

    Are we men like that?
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    Possibly...It's a phenomenon similar to, say, peacocks showing off their tail feathers to peahens. We have a natural tendency to brag and show off. That's how we attract (or think we attract) the honies. Don't worry, if it isn't working, then it'll disappear after a few thousand generations of evolution.
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    Yes really! and they laike it!. I would be so bored if I had to listen about their stories.

    Well, actually I meet a girl who was in Croatia when Milosevich and she was telling me that she was in a bridge and the soldiesr were throwing bombs at them and they were manifesting all exited and yielding "we are going to die! we are going to die!" and laughing at same time as well :confused: That was an interesting comment about war, I had mine too.

    When I was manifesting a guy grabbed a tear gas bomb, he trew it back to the National Guard but in the way up the can baunced against the stop light and went far in to the people behind him. That was so funny! bud the bad part was to see their bodies in the street later on on tv. It si like a movie but is not.

    Those are my stories.
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    I tend to talk about myself only when asked if if it is directly relevant to the conversation at the moment. I do more listening, actually...perhaps that makes me seem boring, but have not had any real complaints from anyone...I was even called "charming" by my date the other night (1st date), although she was probably joking...also, I may not talk about myself much because I know that I am not that interesting and have accomplished jack...to each his own, I guess.

    oh, and mm, what is the deal with "manifesting"? I was having trouble with figuring out the context you were using it in...
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    i dont usually talk about myself either
    i ve been drinking
    and that typically
    that the date
    isnt going well anyway


    then again
    it is friday night
    on the internet
    and alone
    not even looking at porn

    guess that means
    i am
    pretty pathetic
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    Sun Baked

    It's a sign of people letting their insecurity about themselves shine through. ;)

    If you were really a worthwhile date, you wouldn't have to sell people on your past/current ego-stroking accomplishments, they'd see it in you now.

    Anything else. :p
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    so i m
    not pathetic :eek:
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    NO NO!! You're still pathetic, don't worry about that! :p Sun Baked was just commenting on mymemory's initial post.

    I think people talk about themselves because they want to seem like a conversationalist. Since he can't start talking about other people right away, he has nothing to talk about but himself. Its like an interview process, although its nice to ask what SHE thinks. If she's not a talker, and you don't continue talking and talking, you'll just get silence. Unless you know her well, silence is very very very awkward.
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    Thanx man, now I feel better. Let me look for my gun but first I have to write a letter to my parents :(

    Well, I think that with more dating one gets more experienced. Of course there are girls that doesn't talk at all. I went out with a girl who actually didn't let me talk neither. But the comment came up because I am about to meet a girl tomorrow and she seems shy and I was remembering that I have been talking over and over about my things and that I am actually tired of it.

    Maybe I may invite her to have some sex :rolleyes:
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    I think talking about yourself is better than talking about other people (gossiping).

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