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Why no CNN app for ipad yet ?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by aduteau, Jul 15, 2010.

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    The title says it all ...
    Many news channels have theirs out for the iPad ... so why CNN doesnt ?
    They want us to use their HTML5 web site ?

    Just being curious ... :p
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    Why should they make a special iPad app when you can easily browse the entire website on the device itself? You need to access the internet to get the latest news stories regardless. With the iPhone, an app makes sense because of the small screen.
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    Well, the CNN website doesn't send notifications to your iPad nor is Safari the best way to read multiple articles. I agree with the OP there should be an iPad version of their app.
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    there's also less data transmission on an app rather than loading the whole site so it could be useful for 3g users with limited plans.
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    create a shortcut on the springboard with CNN url via safari.

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    I'm sure once they are able to unload Larry King's big salary they will have cash to spend on an iPad app!!!!
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    The iPhone app sucks.
    No need for CNN apps.
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    I'm sure an iPad version of the CNN app is in the works. Probably getting coded and tested now.
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    A litte OT, but I no longer get push notifications on my CNN iPhone App since I got my 4. Is this a known problem and/or is there a fix?
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    I love their iPhone app, I check it constantly. I also hope they'll have an iPad version ready soon.
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    Yeah me too ... having Cnn live on the ipad with that app would be nice
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    I don't see them making an app for their website. Don't they have an iPad friendly website already? Their videos use html 5 and it looks good.
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    Why bother when you can get the Reuters and BBC apps? CNN is increasingly irrelevant.
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    The more variety/competition the better. Also "CNN is increasingly irrelevant" is a subjective/opinion statement.;)

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