Why no refurb Minis on UK Apple site?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by twynne, Apr 10, 2008.

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    Just curious as I've seen people mentioning the savings they made buying their Mini from the Apple (US) refurb site, but there are NEVER any on the UK site.

    Any thoughts?
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    They're still very popular machines for all sorts of uses - HTPC/media centre, secondary computer etc, so when they do appear, they're snapped up very quickly.

    It's just the luck of the draw really... although I wonder if you could use a widget to monitor stocks in the Refurb Store (any programmers want to set this up?!)
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    There is already a widget - and I'm already running it. I generally check daily, and I've *never yet* seen a single Mini on there. I find it difficult to believe that satisfaction is so high that they just never get returned! :rolleyes:
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    Maybe they are good little machines and everyone is happy with them? :)
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    Totally agree they're good machines, but just don't buy that there is never a return in the whole of the UK! :D
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    Incidentally the widget I have is here:

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    I watch the US Apple Store for good refurb deals on Mac minis as well. When they're there...they usually only last a few days.
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    They had some on the UK Store a couple of weeks ago but they were snapped up within a couple of hours. Make sure you check the site first thing every morning.

    When I bought mine from the Bullring Store, the lad who served me did mention the mini was the model they had the least problems with.
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    If it makes you feel any better, I don't see any refurb minis in the US Apple Store at the moment either. But they do show up. I snagged one last month.

    When you do find one, look at the specs very closely. It's easy to find yourself with one that is older then you might want. (for example Core Duo instead of Core 2 Duo)
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    They do appear you just have to be very quick to get them on the uk store I've bought two over the years from there. Tuesdays tends to be when new stock is put on there but not always the case.

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