Why not connect iBook headphone to stereo?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by ShaggyLR, May 23, 2004.

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    I have seen some posts of people wanting to connect their iBook to their stereo and they have been recomended the iMic. However, why not just connect to their stereo through their headphone jack? On my iMac, I get the same sound quality when I connect to my stereo through either my Sound Out port or my headphone jack. It's an easy way to get around the "no sound output" on the iBook without having to spend money on the iMic.

    Has anyone found this not to work on their computer?
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    Powerbook G5

    I don't know about same quality, but when I connect my PowerBook to my Pioneer system it sounds pretty pathetic. I have been thinking about getting that 802.11g wireless music system that just transmits it from you computer to your stereo wirelessly, I believe that'd be decent audio quality, I just need to be willing to drop a few hundred on it.
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    i have connected my ibook to a sony 5.1 receiver, which i use with yamaha speakers..and it sounds awesome..exactly as it sounds if i play the music with the dvd player connecetd to the same setup.
    i dint even know we have iMic for that, till reading this post :D

    so yeah, it works great
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    Powerbook G5

    I don't see it being the same sound quality. I have a 700 watt Pioneer 6.1 EX DTS system with 7 speakers and it sounds really flat and quiet with the highs and lows mushed into one frequency range. I have messed with the EQ but can't get it to sound good no matter what I do with it.
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    hmm..dont know about that. i get a pretty good sound..as i said, just like if i play something directly..infact, the ibook audio is connected to a vcr, which is going into the receiver, so I should have even more losses.
    may be i dont notice the difference., but i hope its not appreciable..
    or i am getting deaf :D
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    Powerbook G5

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    Is the problem with all audio that comes from the PB, or only iTunes or DVD audio? Do you have this problem with CDs played through the PB?

    Make sure that Sound Check is disabled on iTunes, and try disabling Dolby dynamic range compression in DVD player, that might help.
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    Powerbook G5

    Audio only sounds bad when using the headphone out to connect to my stereo system but sounds fine when using the PowerBook speakers or using headphones. I only assume this is normal since the headphone jack is not meant to be used as a high end audio out connection. I'll try messing with sound settings but I doubt much will be changed from that since the limiting factor is most likely the lossy audio jack and the y-cable to RCA that I use to connect to the Pioneer receiver.

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