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Why?: 'Scratch disk full' + Hard drive full

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by unregbaron, Oct 14, 2003.

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    2nd post in as many days - sorry if this post is annoying anyone -

    Over the past few days my HD has become almost completely filled - only 3 days ago I had 1+gb free. Worse it won't let me trash stuff saying 'it cannot be deleted'. Is there a way to see where memory/storage is being used? I have looked everywhere and can't see a monster image folder or something...

    I am using Photoshop 7, explorer, entourage, sometimes illustrator. But things have been going fine for months until past week - I have tried using applications on their own but still seems problematic. Possibly image sizes have been getting bigger recently but nothing over 3-4meg, which gets quickly reduced anyway.

    Using: G3 400mhz pismo pb OSx with 320mb, 10gb hd.

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    Buy a cheap firewire HD. You can always use it on a new machine. Never mind...I am stupid, i don't think you have firwire. Sorry.
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    thanks folks - stuck loads onto my ipod and things seem a lot better now

    (small problem though is that it is not allowing me to move stuff to the trash 'cannot be moved/cannot be deleted)
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    Use disk first aid to fix your permissions. Then you should be able to trash files.

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