Why shouldn't I buy a Magic Mouse?

Discussion in 'Mac Peripherals' started by Tydog07, May 31, 2011.

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    I read that the battery life can be mediocre and the responsiveness can be lacking sometimes, but isn't the design and multi-touch gestures worth it? If you were to buy another type of mouse, what would outdo the Magic Mouse? Does anything else have multi-touch?
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    I would get the trackpad.
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    The Magic Mouse is nice if you don't mind the ergonomics. I'd go with a Magic Trackpad though.
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    To go against the grain, I've had the Magic Mouse for over a year and love it. I bought the Magic Trackpad around the time it came out, and didn't like it so I returned it. I much prefer the mouse.

    BTW, if you get one or the other, be sure to install BetterTouchTool so that you can add more gestures/functionality.
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    Another vote for the Trackpad. I used Magic Mouse and got sick of it jumping all over the place. Then I bought the Trackpad and I love it. Wouldnt use anything else.
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    Jumping all over the place? That's strange, maybe yours was defective?

    And to touch on the battery issue: I'm a heavy MM user, and I've changed the batteries maybe twice or three times in the 12-18 months that I've been using it.
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    I did have battery problems before the most recent firmware was released. Something to do with the the mouse not going to sleep. Used to last a week or two at a time, but thats sorted now.
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    John T

    No, not defective. Most likely dust or a hair on the lens.
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    I use a MM and its not bad, I use MagicPrefs for extra functionality

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    Its has no scroll wheel and it just feels like the trackpad which the laptop already has. It's not comfortable for long hours of usage.
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    I like my Magic Mouse. Its as responsive as I need it and to be honest I think the battery life is fine.
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    Used both and much prefer my logitech....
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    The Best of Both Worlds

    I've found that I prefer my MacBook's trackpad for working in iPhoto and Aperture, and that I feel much more comfortable with my iMac's Magic Mouse for Illustrator and InDesign. So I bought a Magic Mouse for the MacBook and a Magic Trackpad for the iMac, and now I'm really happy -- I can work the same way whether at home or on the road.

    The Magic Mouse gives me 3-4 months of use on ordinary alkaline batteries and (like any optical mouse) becomes erratic when dust or cat fur builds up on the sensor. A quick puff into the sensor, and it operates properly again. On rare occurrences (maybe once a month), the mouse gets a funny feel to it when the computer comes out of sleep mode, and this is easily resolved by turning the mouse off and back on. It's by far the best mouse I've ever used.
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    The MM is ok if you want a mouse that makes your hand scream in agony everytime you've used I for more than 3.5 minutes.

    I'm not a fan, at all. It's awkward at best. Magic Trackpad rules though.

    For mice I use Logitech stuff. They build mice that fit the hand properly.
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    It all is a matter of preference. After having each, I personally prefer the trackpad hands down, I like the gestures.
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    I'm with you there brother. Jony Ive obviously has a thing for 'cutting edge' design, but when it's something that has to sit in your hand for hours every day, what on earth is wrong with rounded edges?!
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    Scroll wheel? Why would you need a scroll wheel when you can just swipe your finger up and down and it does the same thing?:confused:

    But see, I found that the Magic Trackpad made my hand scream in agony every time I used it for more than 3.5 minutes.

    I'm not a fan, at all. It's awkward at best. Magic Mouse rules though.

    The MM fits my hand properly (I have normal hands ;)).

    However, I will veer from your post and say that it is personal preference. Obviously some people like the MM, some like the MT, and some like both.

    I like the gestures on my MM. I installed BTT and added a bunch of them.
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    Big D 51

    Magic mouse is too flat and batteries die out too fast...I've used both and prefer my logitech.
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    Changing batteries two, maybe three, times a year isn't "too fast", is it?:confused:
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    Wow! Great replies! I was careless and forgot to mention that I won't ever need a trackpad because I'll be getting a 15 MBP. I just wanted to see if the MM was popular or not, even though it is an apple product. I'll give it a try!
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    The reason I use a Magic Mouse is because after getting used to the trackpad of a MBP, I had several gestures and shortcuts via BetterTouchTool. There were times, however, that I needed a mouse versus a touchpad, and having those gestures would've been extremely useful. So I went with the Magic Mouse, and there is an initial adjustment period with the ergonomics, but it works great. I have 25 gestures, and even though an MX Revolution may have been a little more comfortable, the multi-touch was worth it.
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    The ONLY multi-touch gesturing the magic mouse comes with is tracing one finger around the surface to scroll. Outside of that, it is completely unremarkable outside of the bluetooth connectivity.

    If you want multi-touch gesturing, get a magic trackpad.
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    I own two Magic Mice and haven't had problems with battery life or responsiveness. I would recommend a Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX as well.
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    Or you install BetterTouchTool. Did you even bother to read the other posts above?:confused:
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    I really liked then until a few days ago. About two hours after using one for a few hours my hand was in pain off and on. I was thinking whats this? So I said something about it aloud and someone else asked if I was using someones computer that had a magic mouse that day because they said it hurts their hand too, but not when they use a regular shaped mouse. Yes they also eat batteries like crazy.

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