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Why still no Skype for iPad?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Ciclismo, Nov 4, 2010.

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    Seriously, the iPad has been available for quite some time, so the initial argument from Skype that they need to get their hands on the hardware in order to develop an iPad app should have long since been resolved (unless they're broke).

    Where oh where is the damn app then? Has anyone got any info beyond the one post on their blog?
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    I don't know where the damn iPad app is, but in the mean damn time I'll use the damn iPhone app, and suggest you do the same damn thing. :)

    The above is said tongue in cheek, but seriously, the Phone app works, so until there is an iPad app........

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    I just loathe using the iPhone keyboard in the app as it is awkward to use - it would be fine on an iPhone where you can use your thumbs, but that is not as nice to do on an iPad.
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    It took 1.5 year for Skype to release its Android app, and it doesn't even support any of the Samsung Galaxy S phones. So don't hold your breath, Skype will release its iPad version sometime in 2010.

    Seriosuly, Skype mobile development is a pile of *****.
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    Well we are now only 12 days from the end of 2010 and the iPad has been out for 8 months
    Still no ipad app

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    Yeah, it kinda sucks, but I still use my iPhone for Skype most of the time, The iPad is just too big for skype (with headphones).
    When I talk on skype i usually use my headphones and put my phone in my pocket
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    Sorry for this, but I had to bump this thread.
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    agreed, WHERE IS SKYPE FOR IPAD!!!
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    Charlie Sheen

    whats wrong with the iphone app. i think the ipad app will be out there on a couple of weeks due to the ipad 2 camera
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    theyve been saying it'll be out soon since the original ipad came out.
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    Skype is one of the worst developers out there. They have been slow for everything. Don't expect an update for another while.
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    still no skype app for ipad? i know i can use the iphone app, but seriously its awkward and an ipad optimized version would be so very nice!

    what could possibly be taking so long?
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    I remember waiting for Skype to appear on 1st gen iPhone, it took forever!!
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    Is skype run by a team of like 5 people or something?

    They take so long with their mobile apps, even though i'm sure there are a lot of users wanting them. I've also read a lot recently about how they really need to sort out their UI, especially on the mac.

    These things don't seem to be a priority for them.
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    This is pretty frustrating that Skype haven't done this. I'm sure though with all the software versions out there they must be working on it and are behind.

    But necessary now the iP2 is out!
  17. rtolboom, Apr 1, 2011
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    Sorry but this is no joke... I read this on the Skype forums:

    ps. This was posted late march 2011...
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    dev cycles? or making molasses?

    competition hopefully will motivate. or not.
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    11 months? WOW.

    I'm no Ipad dev, but considering that the core functionality of skype allready works on iOS, wouldn't it just be a case of creating a new UI and tweaking what's aleady there?

    This leaves the door open for a competitor.
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    I wish... we only use Skype because there's nothing else.

    I guess their crack team of UI developers is working on making the iPad Skype experience as pitiful as the experience is with 5.x on OS X.
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    This was posted late march 2011 by a USER, not a dev.

    But still, would be cool to have a Skype app soon ~_~ pretty sure it'll take ages, as I know them. I'll just facetime with people who own Apple devices from now on.
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    Really hope they Remake the App. Really wouldl ike to be able to Chat and Video conferance at the same time!
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    Now that they are owned by Microsoft, I would expect there will be no more Skype versions for any non-Windows platforms, period.
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    They have said they will continue to support other platforms.
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    Why would you say that? Microsoft Office for Mac is highly supported by Microsoft.

    As well, Skype "makes money"...why cut off a major percentage of your mobile client base...

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