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Why the iPhone won't make Apple a player in business IT

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 14, 2007.

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    Another piece of Aussie crap

    Australian computer analysts have always been so negative about Apple and its impending demises and why no one would or should ever buy Apple product and -- here comes another one. The fact is, Australia is not as wealthy as it likes to think it is and thus fires salvos at such things as "exorbitantly" expensive Apple product. This country uses SMS consistenty since it is CHEAPER than voice-- not because it is a better user experience. Americans, on the other hand, have found that actually talking to someone is loads better than trying to work with a crippled keyboard ---ABC DEF PQRS--- stupidity.... duh!!!! That article was just another example of "we can't have/afford one of those phones, so let's blast it apart!!!" Pathetic.

    Australia and until recently, the UK could only ever think that Apple was going to fade into history. Well, the iPod changed that, but Australia still hasn't figured that businesses would be far better off by using OSX and stimulating more software companies to write those arcane apps that some businesses need... it is not all that hard. In any case for OZ, that would mean having to buy computers that cost more than an emachine or Dell's lowest offering. So much for sour grapes, but that article was as churlish as it was just plain crap.

    Worse, the article was a sort of non-sequitor (a "form" of argument Aussies love!!!) since not even Apple would have linked the iPhone's success to inroads into IT. Where do these idiots who write this stuff come from?
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    Wow. Way to overgeneralise. Feel the irony yet? ;)
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    Not even---- when the target was hit dead centre... Mmmm, wait, I didn't mention Adelaide by name, though IT is the epitiome of the generalizations, if you insist on calling the comments that. I was certain I was way more circumspect, no irony intended or not.
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    The article misses the mark in a big way, focussing just on business users, possibly because Jobs targeted the Blackberry in his keynote.

    What's more accurate to say is that the iPhone has potential, but it all depends on what Apple decides the device will and wont be able to do. The author doesn't give credit to (and probably isn't aware of) the degree to which Apple goes when deciding on products and features to release.

    I reckon, like the iPod, the iPhone will start out a bit large and clunky, but in a few years will, like the iPod is now, be a phenomenal product.

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