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Why this banner ad on MacRumors?

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by Blue Velvet, Oct 14, 2004.

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    Hey, I know the site has to make a buck.

    But still, it seems a little odd to me...
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    To pay the bills, and just because it's on whatever ad rotation system that the site uses...
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    Well its just an AD, I have some on here too... It ok, there mught be some dunmb Windows user here too:)...
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    Not exactly targeted is it?

    Anyway, just making an idle comment...
  5. TMA
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    It's perfectly targeted.

    It's not unreasonable to expect people to browse this site using a PC. Maybe they are interested in macs but don't own one yet, use PC's at work or college or maybe just following Apple's news because they work in that sector.

    I'd be interested to see some stats on what browsers hit this site.
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    Not sure if "dumb" was the most appropiate term there. Maybe "unwise" would have been a little less harsh ;)

    Anywho, I find it funny when I see an ad for spyware removal apps that have the GUI Windows XP when I'm on OS X. Makes me laugh really.
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    My point (sort of) exactly...
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    What about the XP MCE ads that were up yesterday?

    I know there are PC users here, I'm on one at work right now, but if I'm looking at Macrumors am I really interested in XP?
  9. emw
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    It is quite possible that someone could be both a Mac fan and a PC user, so could be interested in both topics. Heck, a lot of IT guys need to be versed in Windows, even though they also like Macs, and may own them.
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    Spend one hour browsing through lyrics over at www.lyricsstyle.com and count the number of spyware, adware, infection, virus-detection ads that pop-up. For each such ad, count the number of them that have a Windows-like interface. The ratio of the number of spyware/infection/etc. ads to the number of such ads with a Windows-like interface should be exactly 1:1 at the end of one hour.

    Point is: Those ads are abundant and are on a plentiful number of genres of websites. So not only are they targeted, but they are targeted on here as well for economical purposes, as others have suggested before.
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    or maybe a little on the ignorant side?....
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    I allways enjoy the ones that say that they have found spyware on my mac.

    Umm ok sure.....:)
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    I got one today on MacBytes advertising some tool that makes faster websites. The ad took longer to load than the rest of the page content :rolleyes:
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    I'm one of those :D
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    Me = IT Guy, Windows Free for life. <cheer>

    What amuses me most is when I hit a site with a pop-up the tells me:
    "We've scanned your computer, and your Windows install is definitely infected! Click here to find out how to remove it and protect yourself!"

    Sheesh. What a shotgun approach. :rolleyes:
  16. emw
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    Especially when you're browsing on a Mac!
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    Posts reply to see if NYFA ad pops up again. :p

    The forum code looks at your post to determine what might be appropriate.

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