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Why touch screens push our buttons

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Sep 16, 2009.

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    Funny how this article reads like an advertisement for Windows 7. Macbooks are already doing many of the things the article says Windows will be doing. But then, Surface could do those things to. I was wondering how MS was going to take Surface (IMO their most innovative product ever) and make it mainstream.

    I thought the "scratch input" video was interesting and has a lot of potential. I think multitouch really is where computers are headed. I now get impatient with my mouse; my iPhone has gotten me use to swiping and pinching. There are some fun times ahead for computer users....
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    Interesting read. Though I'm not keen on wearing down my fingernails, it does have potential.

    Raised surfaces would be very helpful for touch typing. Maybe on the iPhone 14th generation? haha
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    I can't imagine that the scratch gesturing is very energy efficient. Even though it is passive, the mobile device's CPU must be constantly analyzing audio to determine when a gesture is made. I would think that the constant CPU churning would outweigh any savings in device passivity and drain a mobile device's battery.
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    The iPhone has an accelerometer, digital compass and a GPS that are active much of the time, yet the device's battery life isn't terrible for its size. I would imagine that once that scratch sensor device is condensed into a tiny chip, it wouldn't add much to the battery drain.

    The really interesting potential for this is to be able to set a device like the iPhone down on a surface and be able to input by simply making motions on the surface rather than on the device itself. That could make very small devices much more useable.
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    That's true, but those circuits are only powered when apps need them. And the GPS is a big power drain on the iPhone when it is activated. I would expect these audio sensors/circuits would be similar. No drain on the battery when idle, but when activated, it would be a big power consumer. But I agree, it would only get better with time.

    I wonder if there's any machine learning involved in this scratch sensor? Could it be "taught" new gestures / scratches?
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    The video seems to indicate that it's possible. There could be an almost limitless assortment of gestures that could be used for a wide variety of applications. It would make sense to allow users to add their own gestures as they need to. That would really be a customized interface!
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    Surface is a joke. It's a bathtub filled with cameras. It's a demo without mainstream practicality and even the demo was rigged. And none of the innovation was even Microsoft's. They bought it.
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    That's one big watch...
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    umm you do realize apple bought their touchscreen technology from fingerworks right? innovation indeed.
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    Kinda like how Apple bought Fingerworks?


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