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Why won't Mac play FLAC audio? How..can...I

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by macdoobie, Mar 31, 2008.

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    I need to play FLAC. If there isn't a way, how can I covert these bad boys to something useable.
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    FLACs are playable in players like VLC. You can also convert them to other formats with a program like Max or XLD (X Lossless Decoder).

    EDIT: I prefer XLD because its LAME MP3 options are better documented (with clear, universal terms) than Max's.
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    You can play them with VLC and convert them with Max.
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    Thanks guys for the help :)

    Max is a really nifty and helpful program...:D
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    Yeah, I had a bunch of FLAC music stored on external HD's from before the time I migrated to OS X about a year ago... I use Max to convert my FLAC files into ALAC &/or 320kbps VBR .aac; Max has been a godsend for me!

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