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Why would you (I) not want to upgrade to Mountain Lion??

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by clarkkent18, Jul 24, 2012.

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    I have read been reading a lot of good things about OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion. But I have also seen a few things from others that do not really like some of the things that are required and/or being published with Mountain Lion, but I was not able to see why. I am not new to Macs, but I am a baby when it comes down to the tech information.

    What are some issues with Mountain Lion that would make we second guess about the upgrade? Also, should I format my HD and then install Mountain Lion? If I do format the hard drive, will I need the product codes for my programs that I did not buy via the app store (using time machine to restore all my documents and programs)?
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    Just make sure you back everything up and have all of your app information ready to copy over . I would also recommend you use Carbon Copy Cloner to copy your drive before you do the new install . Also I would recommend you create a backup of mountain lion install disk to a dvd or a usb drive . So you can reinstall Mountain Lion again if you ever need too , because once you download it I believe you can not download it again you will have to re buy it from the app store .
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    Absolute bunk. You can re-download it whenever you want to. I bought Lion from the MAS and it's got a download button next to it under my "Purchased" tab.
  4. Seth Mac Fan, Jul 24, 2012
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    Sorry I must been wrong about the re downloading I apologize everybody makes mistakes , With that said I still recommend you make a backup copy anyways as it is always good to have it around and if apple ever decides to remove the download you will still have a copy . You never know if apple decides to remove the download you will have no where to go but your backup so it is a good idea and I prefer to have it burned to a DVD rather a usb drive or download . This all depends on what you want to do and can afford to do because DVD+R DL disks are kind of expensive these days . They cost double if not more than normal DVD+R disks and they are harder to find than DVD+R disks .
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    Exactly. You can download it as many times as you want at no extra cost.

    And, if you download it from the Mac App Store after an update for the OS has been issued, your download will be the latest revision of the Operating System.
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    a bit off topic, but is there a way we can move over X apps and a bunch of documents and not everything. I'm trying to free up some space and with Mountain Lion coming, I figure I could just wipe the HDD clean and install and then move Office/ iWork, iLife, etc. (apps I need basically)
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    I was just trying to help when I said keep a BACK UP COPY HANDY never thought that was such a controversial thing to have WOW !!!
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    Relax. It's just an internet forum !!!
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    Thank you everyone for the help on the downloads, but I DID NOT get them from the app store, paid for and download them from a different company. Those apps I am worried about.

    Now that we have a handle on the apps, what about anything negative in regarding the NEW OS mountain lion? Is there any reason that I should stay with Lion and not upgrade or is mountain lion much better?

    Seth Mac Fan; Thank you for all the feedback. Sorry for bring up a controversial topic, but I do want to protect what I have already spent money on
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    Nobody has yet disagreed with you on that statement... The only part of your statement anyone has disagreed with was the need to repurchase ML if you don't back it up. Backing up the installer is a good idea.

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