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Wi-Fi anywhere on Ipod Touch free: Is it possible

Discussion in 'iPod touch Hacks' started by Lyubomir1001, Aug 19, 2010.

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    I was looking at the MyWi app and i was so happy that the app would give wi-fi to my device anywhere but when i read into it more and found out that it doesn't work on ipod touch, i got enraged!
    It's because a carrier is needed for this tethering to work..

    Is there a way to get wi-fi signal on ipod touch wherever you go for free???
    someone please give me your ideas...

    if its not free, what is the cheapest way?

    I need some experts to answer this question.

    It would be much appreciated.
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    I don't think that you understand the concept of wifi.
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    You seem to not understand what MyWi does.
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    There is no way to get WiFi everywhere on your iPod Touch unless you have a WiFi hotspot or wireless router with you at all times.
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    Yes im a newbie at these things and i recently found out about MyWi..

    Is there anyway to get any kind of internet wherever i go or anyway to get into hidden wi-fi networks

    or to get in without password or by knowin how to get password.
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    <.< how do you enjoy ipod touch at all then if it's useless outside
    only music and whatever u got on ur screen

    ignorance means u dont know

    and i dont know about this stuff
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    I guess you just don't.

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    The same way people enjoyed life without iPods, all those millions of years before they existed. You looks around, talk with others, play team based physical games, and maybe read a book.
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    Our House = Wifi
    My High School = Wifi
    My Work = I work there, not watch the Forum Spy.
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    Newbie = I don’t know somewhat
    Ignorance = Not knowing

    Seems like you are telling me I am right while trying to correct me.
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    Lies. :p
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    Yes i do this everyday.. its not something new for me..
    thread can be closed....
    the only access to wi-fi i have is my house and a few places that offer free wi-fi hotspots
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    I thought you meant im ignorant as a whole...
    i am not knowing about this subject.
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    Customer: Yeah, I’d like a large BLT with...
    Me: Hang on dude, theres some idiot raging about the way the iOS handles multitasking
    Customer: umm...I have no idea what the **** you are talking about, I just want a large shake man.
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    But the real question is: how are the corndogs?
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    Very corny, just like that joke.
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    I wasn't joking. You just serve BLTs and shakes?:confused:
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    I’m sorry McDonald’s doesn’t carry corndogs.
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    They should! It could be the next McRib.

    Wait- McDonald's carries BLTs? Sorry, I haven't been t McD's in ~5 years except to get an iced coffee.
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    it is called wepgen and allows you to get wep keys to hack hotspots
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    that doesn't give the password to their router network!!!
    i looked up this app today
    it dont work!

    u need the password for network
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    well if it is a WEP protected router it works such as my neighbors :p
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    it was a joke, I don’t actually work at McShitHole

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