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Wich hard drive to replace a broken one....

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Viltgance, Dec 10, 2009.

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    Good day to everybody. This is the first time I post on this forum and I hope you'll help me. :)

    I recently bought a MBA but after some months the HD gave up. So I bought a generic Samsung HS082HB 1,8" zif HD to replace the broken HD. I thought I bought the right one but my MBA wasn't able to recognize the new HD. This new HD is a generic Samsung while the original was the one with the apple :)apple:) printed on the label. So I ask you: do I need the certified one or did I miss something in replacing the HD?

    Many thanks to everyone! :eek:
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    I'll ask a silly question... After installing the new HD... did you restart the computer with the Original OS backup disk in while holding down the "C" key?... Hold on, I just re-read your post...you have an MBA. You'd need an external CD/DVD drive to install the OS on your new HD.
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    If you boot from the CD and then go to Utilities and then Disk Utility, does the hard drive show up on the left panel?
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    Yes, I did. I also used an external drive. I read several guides before doing this and I think I've done everything correctly but for some reason the installation procedure doesn't see my Samsung. I tried two of those new hard drives.

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    No, the Disk Utility shows no ATA HD in the machine, still the HD is fully connected (zif cable hooked and black stripe down, all cables connected). I also tried to format the HD using my Asus EEEPC 901 with Macdrive 8. :(

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