Widespread iTunes and App Store Terms and Conditions Bug Preventing New Purchases and Downloads [Update: Resolved]

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    Users are reporting that a widespread issue with Apple's App Store is preventing new purchases from being made. When users attempt to make a purchase or redownload a previous purchase, they are asked to agree to updated Terms & Conditions.

    When they accept, they are then asked to agree to them again and again. As a result, new purchases and downloads from iTunes in the Cloud cannot be made. The issue appears to be affecting all purchases from the App Store and iTunes store on both iOS and the Mac, as well as the Mac App Store and iTunes Match. It's also affecting the viewing of purchased items on the Apple TV.


    We've reached out to Apple for comment, but until the issue is resolved many iOS users will be unable to purchase apps or media content.

    Update: Commenters are reporting that the issue is not affecting international accounts. Users have successfully downloaded apps with Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand-based accounts.

    Update: The issue appears to be fixed.

    Article Link: Widespread iTunes and App Store Terms and Conditions Bug Preventing New Purchases and Downloads [Update: Resolved]
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    Nothing says fun like trying to buy stuff and being stuck in an endless TOS loop.
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    First scuffgate, then mapsgate, now appstoregate? Jeez, Apple.
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    I'm affected.
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    Hey apple, first you introduce a hideous interface to your app store, and now you plague it with server issues. :rolleyes:
    Android/ winPhone is look a lot more attractive now.
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    Why does everything have to be a "-gate?"
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    Powering off and on does not help.
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    I just downloaded several apps from the Hong Kong App Store and it was completed successfully :)
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    They changed again? I bet Apple finally added that "you agree to donate your soul to us" clause in there somewhere....
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    OMG.. This is really pissing me off. Not to mention their 42 page terms and agreement policy that renders everything you own useless unless you agree to it.

    Hope they lose millions in lost purchases
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    I thought my iphone was screwed up lol...I was agreeing to the TOS for a good 5 minutes :eek:
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    Goodness I thought it was just me
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    I thought I was going crazy trying to update my apps.
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    This is the first time an app store bug has actually affected me.
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    Yup, same problem here. Hopefully, it'll be resolved soon and not get blown out of proportions by the media.
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    I thought it was just me, too. I even submitted a support ticket to Apple. Very annoying.
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    wow I was literally using itunes match not too long ago and I'm stuck in this loop and can't listen to any of my music!
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    Works great here in Singapore. No Terms and Conditions Issues.
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    Looks like the taller screen of the 5 came in handy. The TOS is 65 pages on my 4. :p Saved you a couple of pages!
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    Ahhh no wonder. I've been trying to update my apps and been clicking "agree" on the terms and conditions.
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    Could it have something to do with iTunes 11 coming this month?
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    I'm sure there will be endless hand wringing and gnashing of teeth over this on here. Bet some will even talk about switching to Android over it.

    "I can't download my app!! Completely unacceptable!! Steve would have never stood for this!!"
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    Agreed. As if Apple is the only company to ever suffer a server overload. In the past 7 days, at least 4 major US banks have been attacked in DoS attacks believed to originate from overseas. Perhaps this is something similar.

    I have an idea. Why don't we wait a few hours to see what's happening first, rather than declare this the end of Apple. OK?
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    yeah, this IS annoying, I am looping :((
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    And we all know what happened on South Park when Kyle didn't read everything he agreed to let Apple do to him!

    Heh heh.

    Seriously, I hate those updated TOS screens. I can't tell you how many times I've just given up in the past downloading and/or buying something, just because I got stuck there.

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