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Wife Getting MBA For Crimbo

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by wrkactjob, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. wrkactjob, Dec 9, 2011
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    Being SE Asian she is obsessed with photography and currently uses Picasa on a windows lappy.

    What is the Mac equivalent program for simply organizing and managing photos, will the MBA come with any default program included?
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    Yes, it will come with iPhoto which is excellent.
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    sorry, what does SE(south east?) Asian have anything to do w/ being obsessed w/ photography? Just wondering..
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    LOL are you racially profiling your wife?
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    She photgraphs her food before eating this, I notice many of her Thai and Japanese friends do a similar thing.

    It annoys me that I can't eat my dinner until it has been photographed.

    All SE Asian women do this.

    You do it.

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    He is on purpose or not doing the asian touristic stereotype whom walk around and take a photo of every single interesting thing around them...

    BTW i am just stating the stereotype not trying to be racist
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    I find iPhoto to be a bit of a pain, I use it but I don't like the way it stores my images in a Library. There is of course a version of Picasa ( it uses a library as well) for the Mac. it might make it easier for your wife to use that. I don't have Windows machines left so I can't say if the Mac version is very different from the PC version.
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    Oh god. She doesn't put the pictures of food on facebook does she? It's a form of mental illness.
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    as oppose to putting any other useless pictures? Ain't it all same? We all have that disease of thinking people actually care what you(as in any of us, not you as in "YOU" lol) are doing at any moment.
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    what on earth is 'Crimbo"??
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    That is true, my wife is Japanese and when we go out she loves to photograph her food.

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    Yes she does, the in laws and associated friends all know what we are eating even though they are 4000 miles away.

    I don't mind really , gawd dang it as Americans say I'm the one buying her the slippery silver thing. Should I wrap it or brown envelop it SJ stylee?

    She better take a photo of it!
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    Platinum dildo??:confused:

    My wife is Japanese and thank god she doesn't take a picture of every meal, but that is definitely something the Japanese like to do, then plaster it all over facebook. The worst offenders though are the foreigners in Japan who do it and whore their meals all over facebook, it's just food FFS.
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    I was recently in Hong Kong and saw a talk by the creative director of Hong Kong Disneyland about how they had to create a special, unique part of the theme park just for photography. He noted that the relationship that some asian cultures have to photography, particularly for documentation, is fundamentally different than in other cultures.

    So, yes, this is a known cultural issue and Disney actually re-designed HK Disneyland around it.
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    Well I'm Chinese (born in Canada), have pretty strong ties with my Asian-ness, and I can assure you that what you're saying isn't racist. It's true. :p

    If I'm with HK friends, it's pretty much assumed that nobody touches the "pretty" dishes at a restaurant until they've been photographed. I do the same thing when I'm in Japan with friends.
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    But why? Do you keep an album of all the things you eat and then reminisce at a later date?
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    I am Asian and I have lived in Hong Kong for 18 years.

    I'm fortunate to travel to many other countries around SE Asia, and Food plays a very important role in Asian culture.
  19. marc11, Dec 9, 2011
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    Wow, talk about stereotyping the women you love in public. She must be proud to call you her husband.

    I live in Japan I eat out every single day and guess what.....I have seen only one person snap a pic of her food and she was from New York.
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    Sorry, being an American male of Eastern European decent with fairly large genitals, I can't help you.


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