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Wifi adapters/chipsets without kernel panic?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by canhoto, Apr 18, 2011.

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    Does someone has an experience of using usb wireless adapters working well on Power Mac's g4 (Sawtooth like mine or other)?

    I have tried (to speed up my connection) with 2 different adapters (Asus WL-167G and D-Link DWL-G122) and it causes kernel panics. They share the same chipset (Ralink RT2500), so I wonder if it is a matter of chipset?

    Also: is replacing the Airport Card with a similar, but quicker, card (PCMCIA or Pc card, I think) a good solution?

    Any ideas?

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    Try adapters with broadcom chipsets, those running bcm43xx...
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    And does it have to be a USB adapter or PCI card, or do the cardbus type (or PCMCIA) fit in the airport slot?
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    OWC is your best bet to find for those wireless adapters that work guaranteed.

    It could be anything of those you have mentioned. Also look for the ones with the Atheros chips, they are native chips that are used on apple devices.
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    Driver installed?
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    You're right! I had always installed the bad driver. Now it works perfectly with both adapters (although the Asus is a bit more powerful). In any case, much faster than with the classic AirPort (which I have now turned off).


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