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Wifi management app?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Laimbeersux, Oct 26, 2010.

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    Hey all, looking for an app that I'm not sure exists. I have had my iPad for about a month and love it, but I have run into a minor issue that is more network based. I live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere and have only one real choice for an Internet service provider. This ISP is less than helpful customer service wise and leaves the passwords for the dsl routers all set at the same generic password. I have an app called "Wifi scan" that will tell me the name of computers that are connected and I have seen several devices connected to our network that I know for sure are not from my roommate or myself.

    I contacted the ISP about this issue, and even used the phrase "theft of services" in hopes that they would see it as an issue that is effecting their bottom line as well as my satisfaction with their service. The ISP tech people say that they are not able to comment on the passwords that other people have on their wifi router, nor are they able to change the password that is on mine. I think they are completely full of crap, and would switch providers if there was another viable option, but there simply isn't.

    What I am looking for would be an iPad/iPhone app that allowed me to not only view who is connected to our network, but monitor their bandwidth use, and possibly even force logoff them from the system. Is there anything like this or am I stuck with the line of crap that the ISP is feeding me?
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    You're extremely unlikely to find an app for this.
    That said, I've never seen a router that doesn't have a user interface that you can access via the browser.

    You'll need to do a of googling to find the details but entering something like into your browser should bring up the router's management console. This would normally allow you to do all the things you mention (plus change the wifi password).
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    Ignore them. They're just spamming. It doesn't even sound like the spammer's offering a product that fits your needs (regardless of the Android aspect).

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