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Wii : Battalion Wars 2 (USA) For Trade or Sale

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by MRU, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. MRU


    So I have a USA copy of Battalion Wars 2 on the Wii, but it's not compatible with my European Wii.

    So here it is for sale $35 (O.B.O) via paypal free shipping

    Or will trade for suitable alternative on Wii or PS3 :)
  2. MRU


    Updated details. Thanks
  3. Guest

    Sky Blue

    What Wii games do you have/are interested in? I'd only trade as it was $32.99 shipped on Amazon recently
  4. macrumors 6502

    $25 shipped to 07003?
  5. MRU


    I have...... SMG, Zelda, Paper Mario, Wii Sports, Metroid, Zack & Wiki

    Willing to trade for MySims, Nights, Resident Evil (either version), Geometry Wars, etc... basically anything half decent :)

    not got a clue where that is... and cheapest I can do is $30 including shipping as its going to cost me $10 to ship as I'm in Ireland.
  6. Guest

    Sky Blue

    bah! You have exactly the same games as me :)
  7. MRU


    LOL!! We have good taste ;)
  8. macrumors regular

    lol. I thought you had a US Wii. PS3 games are region free.
  9. MRU



    No my wii is a Euro machine but has the WiiKey fitted in order to allow me to play imported games. Unfortunately Battalion Wars 2 turns out to be one of the few that doesn't work....

    Ironically if I was so inclined I could download a dodgy copy and patch it to work no problem, but I don't do piracy so I import because I just hate having to wait 8 months to get the same game released this side of the Atlantic.. Unfortunately with the Wii Nintendo are being a real pain for importers.

    Like you say though at least teh PS3 is fully region free and the 360 has a decent share of region free titles too.

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