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Wii Games! Galaxy! CHEAP!

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by v-ault, Dec 28, 2007.

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    The Godfather-10 dollars - still available.

    Battalion Wars 2 - 35 dollars- SOLD to macrumoruser
    Mario Galaxy- 35 dollars SOLD to jessica
    Mario Strikers Charged- 30 dollars - SOLD to jessica
    Wii classic controller- 10 dollars- sold to uicandrew
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    Will you do Mario Galaxy and Strikers for 60 shipped?
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    65 shipped please. I was not even considering including shipping costs and there is paypal fees, so 65 shipped please.
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    You have the boxes and everything?
    I'll PM you.
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    payment sent for the wii classic controller. thanks!
  6. MRU


    I'll take battalion wars 2 for $40 ($35 + $5 extra for USPS post to Ireland).

    Let me know if that's ok by PM. Thanks :)
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    Sorry, I want to ship within the United States but thanks for the offer.

    Wii classic controller sold.

    Galaxy and Strikers charged reserved for Jessica so far.

    Guild Wars, Battalion Wars 2 and The Godfather are still available.
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    Money sent for Galaxy and Strikers.

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