WII need...

Discussion in 'Games' started by sam10685, May 15, 2006.

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    ...Mario Kart game, James Bond game, Burnout game, Quake/Doom game, moto GP game, Donkey Kong game, Mortal Kombat game, Grand Theft Auto game... can u think of more?
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    What wii need is a confirmed release date, a confirmed launch lineup and a confirmed price......

    Ill settle for those 3 things first :)
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    yeah, those games were all fun,

    but what Wii really need is something new!
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    I wouldn't hold your breath for a Wii GTA game. Until I get my hands on a PS3 and a Wii, I don't know what games I would want on which system.
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    I wouldn't want a Wii GTA game. They're horrendously buggy and terribly made.

    I need a release. not release date. I want the Wii now. I'd also like a bit more money so I could really go to town on the launch titles :D
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    I'd love a Mario Kart and a Castlevania. Those two would keep me happy for a while :).
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    What? No Lightsaber love? Jedi Knights 4!
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    I wonder if Wii could do for Castlevania what the GCN did for Metroid... that is move the series to a new gametype. I was thinking Castlevania as a 3rd person Tombraider-esqu adventure game, with killer, moody light effects, and of course, an awesome whip controller.

    Sorry if I offended you die hard, sidescroller Castlevania fans... it's bound to happen eventually, though. Hopefully the handhelds will keep the 2D stuff alive for us. :)
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    I don't know if you are aware or not, but there have already been two 3D Castlevania cames for PS2. I have a feeling Castlevania will probably be heading to PS3, not Wii
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    They also did two such games on the N64....
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    Well, look at that... color me ignorant! I had forgotten that Konami started making Castlevania games on the PS1 and then never considered that there would have been non-Nintendo Castlevania games. I always think of Castlevania as a Nintendo franchise, for obvious historic reasons, plus the several GBA games, and the DS game which is either out or upcoming... not a huge Castlevania fan, so don't recall...

    Anyways, if Konami knows whats good for them, they'll be making a Wii Castlevania... I mean, whip controller WITH whip sounds on the little speaker, c'mon, that's almost as good as Indiana Jones with the same control mechanic!

    Yep, you're right there, too. I had Castlevanis on the 64 as being sidescroller still. I think I was confused and had the PS1 CV game in my head as the N64 one, and the PS1/2 not having any CV games at all... goes to show how much I know!
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    What? Ruining it and throwing away everything the series is known for? Yeah, I suppose it would, if you're into that.


    Apology not accepted!


    On a more serious (sort-of) note, IGA (the producer of said games) already said it's more than likely, a no-go on the Wii (for Castlevania). He feels the controller would only complicate things and he's happy with the DS. He did say that he'd like to get his hands on the Dev Kit and see if he could come up with something else though.
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    Well apparantly you're to late to stop the desicration of the series, anyways, so give it up now. :)
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    Since this new controller is really revolutionary they need to make a game that is something completely new.

    Nintendo keeps talking about how someone needs to make another tetris, because of how simple yet incredibly fun and popular it is.

    I think with this new controller they could make a game that really destroys the boundaries all other games have.
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    It'd be nice if they did a Metroid Prime and made the Castlevania series good. If they somehow forgot about all the old 3D games, is it me or did Castlevania die in 3D? I know theres a huge petition to basically stop production of 3D Castlevania games so the public really don't like them.

    Alas. Maybe the Wii debut of Castlevania will show they can still make good games. Hideo Kojima did say he can't wait to get working on Wii games (something about being bored of MGS4).
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    i digress... we do need a date, lineup and price. we've been shown some good titles that wii will get, but i hope nintendo launches with some good ones.
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    How about the return of Mario Paint? Random fly swatting here we come! :D
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    I would like to see an updated versions of Combat from Atari.

    I loved that game.
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    NO THANK YOU! (EA sucks, and the GTA series has been repetitive since forever, except the switch from top-down to 3D)
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    how could u say that about EA? i went out and bought a PS2 when i found out Burnout 3 wasn't going to be on the 'Cube. soon as i get the money, i'm going to go get another one... i had to sell my old one because i needed some dough... (ebay rocks.)
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    Echo that. they destroyed Timesplitters 3.

    though I don't know the details. but TS2= No EA and good. TS3= mentions EA and crap.

    Don't like GTA games that much. They're fun to run around a bit in and I did play Vice City a fair bit *loves 80's music*. SA didn't hold me. at all. I gave up and just downloaded a completed save file for that. Keeping your virtual self healthy and fit? It's a bloody game! I liked the 2D ones. Played the demo for GTA1 lots because of it's timer it was fun to try and get to 4 stars in the 5 minute demo.
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    Only things Wii need is a freaking price tag, launch date and two wiimotes/nunchucks in the box.

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    I have a horrible feeling it won't be until the CPU/GPU are finalised that we'll get price info. Which could be anytime until a month before the launch. damn them :(
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    Couldn't agree more.......
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    I can, and did, say that about EA because they: emphasize graphics over gameplay turning a good game (Burnout) into near utter crap (Burnout 3). The menus suck (all their sports games), the controls usually suck (FIFA), and (this isn't substantiated, merely a rumor. Friend-of-a-friend thing) overwork their programmers.

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