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Wii Shop Channel

Discussion in 'Games' started by sam10685, Apr 6, 2007.

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    I've been trying for days to connect to the wii shop channel but it never does. it used to in 15-30 seconds. it'll go from the page with the word "Wii" in big font to the page that says "Connecting... Please wait" but after that it just stays there making the weird chime noise. what do i do? :confused:
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    That usually means that your connection to the net is bad.

    Is it working for other things? It should have come up with an error.
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    Try resetting your router.

    This happened to me a couple months ago. I couldn't connect to the Internet Channel or the Wii Shop Channel, but I was still getting news and weather updates..??

    I reset my router and all was well.
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    news channel, weather channel, internet channel and everybody votes channel is all good. i'll see if i can reset it. hope so. (by the way... off-topic, but where in the name of all that is Holy are the online games???)
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    For now the online games are just a dream. Hope they get started by this summer. The whole playing together thing doesn't really work when my friends go home.
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    Try changing your router channel to 11 or 1..

    What mode is your router on? Is it on B or G or mixed? If it's on G i'd suggest going to mixed..

    Also do you happen to have a third party memory card in it? If you do, take it out.. I've had problems with that..
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    how do i change the channel and check if i'm in B or G mode?

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