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Wii-Style iPhone Game 'Motion Tennis' Hits the App Store

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 27, 2013.

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    Rolocule, which debuted its Rolomotion concept back in April, has launched its first game that uses the technology. The Rolomotion software is designed to convert an iPhone or an iPod touch into a motion controller, similar to a Nintendo Wii Remote.

    The first game to use the technology, Motion Tennis, hit the App Store this morning. Motion Tennis is meant to be played on the Apple TV using AirPlay Mirroring, where it takes advantage of the iPhone's gyroscope, magnetometer, and accelerometer to detect movement and translate the movements on screen. Like with the Wii Remote, the iPhone serves as a racket in Motion Tennis.

    Motion Tennis should only be purchased by users with an Apple TV with AirPlay functionality, as the game does not work on its own. It plays similarly to the Tennis game in Wii Sports (it is, however, less polished), and although there is some slight lag, the game is responsive to the phone's movements.
    The game requires an iPhone 4S, an iPhone 5, or a 5th Generation iPod touch running iOS 6 to play. It also requires a second or third generation Apple TV for AirPlay Mirroring.

    Motion Tennis can be downloaded from the App Store for $7.99. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Wii-Style iPhone Game 'Motion Tennis' Hits the App Store
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    I can't wait to pay $8 and smash my TV :D
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    A cool concept but lag while using airplay means this isn't going to be a real fun game.
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    WITH my iPhone!


    Can you play it with an iPad? WHOOMP.
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    While I agree this seems a little dangerous, it is definetly the most innovative iPhone & AppleTV game thus far. I hope this helps pave the way for more games that utilize AppleTV as a second screen. The iPad being utilized could really make a great replacement for the Wii U. :D

    On a side note, this game works on the iPad too apparently - that would be strange to play! haha
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    That's an expensive pho…err, game controller you have right there.
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    Even if this isn't great it's a good start. I am glad to see developers trying stuff like this out. Pretty cool.
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    "Now I can justify the upgrade!" :cool:
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    They could make a killing on a cushion case and before each game display an annoying reminder to apply the case and strap to your wrist.
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    You should try the game and see if there is lag before claiming there will be, don't you think?

    I think this is a neat direction for games and if it works well, $7.99 a game isn't bad.
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    I think they were going off the article in the first post, which said "although there is some slight lag, the game is responsive[...]". If it's an occasional, very short lag, it's probably not a huge problem (although should be addressed eventually). If it's a long lag, it's frequent, or you never know when it's going to happen, then it's obviously a problem.
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    Battlefield Fan

    Are you serious? Airplay lags. This game will be no different. You'll just have to time your shots accordingly.

    I wonder how many TV's will be ruined by flying iPhones?!?!
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    Or how many flying iPhones are ruined? This isn't a cheap $30 Wiimote and it's most likely the TVs cost less than the iPhones ;)
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    Cool idea, but as others have already said, people are going to be slamming their iPhones against the wall and the floor and the tv screen. Anybody who has played a Wii knows that if you don't have a wrist strap on, you'll throw the controller across the room in short order. The only way this will even have a chance is if they also come out with a wrist strap contraption of some kind.
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    Wait...it's not free? I've grown so accustomed to freemiums LOL....blah. Can't wait to see it come out, $7.99 is a good price as others have mentioned.
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    I'm serious when it comes to this game and finding out if it still lags. This is a first, isn't it?
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    Expensive consoles? I'm having trouble with the math:

    Console $350 + Game $50

    AppleTV $100 + iPhone $649 (16Gb) + Game $8

    Am I missing something?

    Even if you swap the iPhone for the iPod Touch it's still $8 more for this setup.
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    You can get the Wii for around $160 and the tennis game is free with the console.
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    I think the assumption is that you already have the iPhone and atv.
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    I definitely noticed some lag while playing, but the game does compensate for this by prompting you to "swing early." There are also settings that can be turned off to cut down on lag, but nothing seemed to eliminate it entirely. That said, even with the small bit of (inevitable) lag, the game was playable.
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    Am I the only one that noticed the SUPER clean wire job that was done in the picture within the article. :D
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    This would be better for use with an iPod Touch with that wrist strap thing.
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    wow, amazing technology, would definitely buy this awesome app.
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    Oh come on. This app is clearly geared toward existing iPhone and iPod touch owners. They may need to shell out $100 more for Apple TV (and $8 for the game), but that is still cheaper than buying a new console.

    Having said that, $8 seems rather expensive for a simplistic tennis game. I suppose it is priced as such given Apple TV requirement (smaller market). The developer should provide a free version to demonstrate it is playable for those with such setup.

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