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Wii System Update today...

Discussion in 'Games' started by spencecb, Apr 9, 2007.

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    Anyone have a clue what this update did?

    I turned on my Wii late this afternoon after I picked up a copy of Super Paper Mario, and when the Wii got the the home screen, a box popped up saying, "Now initializing a Wii System Update."

    There was no indication of what this updated.

    Edit: Thinking back, it did it prompted me to update when I clicked on the disc channel with Paper Mario in the drive.
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    lock some Mod chips maybe?
  3. zim
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    I read that the new Paper Mario came with an update for those who had not updated by web.. are you connected? I am getting Paper Mario tomorrow and know that my system is up to date so I will see what happens. I guess this will allow Nintendo to make sure everyone is up to date, at least everyone who buys Paper Mario.. also a possibility for them to block mod chips if they see the need... not saying that this update does. I think the last updated did something with the SD cards.
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    I'm not updating because I don't want to find that out. I'll have to continue reading other experiences first.

    The modchips are stealth so they can't be detected, however that doesn't mean a new firmware won't make the mod enhancement unusable.
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    My Wii was up to date as far as I know. I am connected to WiiConnect24, even on standby. Last time my system received an update was when I downloaded the Everybody Votes channel.
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    I hope we don't end up in a PSP like scenario of Sony trying desperately to cut down on hackers and modders, only to **** off people who just want to play a game.

    I'll press update later. Chances are it might be US only, us Europeans got our own update not so long ago too.
  7. Guest

    Sky Blue

    Seems to be individual updates for a handful of EU/AUS VC games that had display issues.

    Lovin' the modchip knee jerk reactions by the way.
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    I don't live in the EU or Australia, so that would not apply to me.
  9. Guest

    Sky Blue

    The plot thickens!
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    So is there any actual confirmation about the 'various internets' about what the update actually did, or is just 'anybody's guess' at the moment? :confused:
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    I got Super Paper Mario yesterday and put it in my Wii. I waited on the game to show up in the game channel and it never did. I was thinking, "I hope they didn't sell me a broken game." So I took the game out and put it back in. Still nothing. Finally I just clicked on the game channel and it did a system update. I don't have high speed internet at home so my Wii has never been updated. I guess this is a good idea by Nintendo to make sure people get updated.

    I wonder if they had an update that was necessary for Super Paper Mario to work correctly or if they just decided to put an update in with the game.
  12. zim
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    It has to be the same system update that came out a while ago because my paper mario didn't prompt me to update anything.
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    samething happened to me. except i do have wireless.:confused:
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    Yeah, same here...that is why I was confused and started this thread.
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    It would be nice if the update had something to do with this:


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  16. zim
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    I was just reading about this... would be really cool if they allowed for a DS connection. The question is what would connect and what would be transfered? Personally I feel that if the DS was going to connect to the Wii then the update would have come with Paper Mario... unless the ability is already there, just hidden.. hmm..
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    came home to a glowing Wii. checked the mail and saw a note from Nintendo!

    I'm downloading a free Internet Channel update now...

    anyone else?

    edit: installed Wii System ver. 2.2U. New Internet Channel is niiice.
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    Now if only they'll add Quicktime support and release a Wii external HDD. :)

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    I think the update also included a fix for the mail system, the keyboard is fixed and less "jumpy" ... it's more solid like every other program :)
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    I just tried Youtube on the new internet channel - has everyone already tried this?

    it does a better than decent job of displaying videos fullscreen. If anyone hasn't tried this, I'm convinced its one of the best uses for the feature.

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