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Wii60.com : funny

Discussion in 'Games' started by Symtex, May 16, 2006.

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    really kind of stupid wow.
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    Lame! Plus it should be Wii360 :p
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    On the contrary ;).
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    The only one of the images I really found funny was this one:


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    Yup, you can buy a great system (minus HD disc hardware) and a child's toy for what you can buy a fully loaded monster. Wow, how amusing. :rolleyes:
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    Wow that was stupid....

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    Did you just call the Wii a child's toy cuz if you did:mad:

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    LOL. I swear you word things in certain ways so you can joyfully await oppositions to it... haha.

    "a child's toy" :rolleyes:
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    ;) Sorry, but Nintendo doesn't give me any joy anymore. It's the bane of my gaming existence... That, and Super Battle Toads.
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    Wii60 is a lame pun because [wee] sounds like [three]. :rolleyes:
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    Brokeback mountain by Wiiman....lol....people are stupid.

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    "Anymore"? So since when? N64? GCN? Just a general distain for Nintendo as a company?

    You didn't like any of these games?
    - F-Zero GX
    - Wave Race: Blue Storm
    - Metroid Prime
    - Resident Evil 4
    - Resident Evil (remake)
    - Resident Evil 0
    - Eternal Darkenss
    - Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
    - Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
    - Ikaruga
    - Killer 7

    I left out any game that had Mario or Zelda in the title for obvious reasons. Also leaving out anything overly colorful, for obvious reasons as well.

    What happened? I mean, what happened that merits such scorn? :D
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    Is this actually Onizuka? Or did your younger brother get hold of your computer or summat? Or maybe summat nasty happened at home. Because, although a blatant Sony fanboy, Onizuka was never this ***** stupid (I refer to other threads as well). Just calm down, take a few days out, then come back in a more relaxed frame of mind
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    -1 to brain cells.
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    Aye. Well it could be a younger brother/sister. it happened on this forum I was on, only nobody believed him. so he set up his webcam and secretly filmed the bugger. was amusing.
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    Since the GC. Well, maybe before that. N64 had some really good games on it. But then came Mario PArty 1,2,5 and 18, Mario Golf, Pokemon games... It was saturated with crap near the end. And no, I didn't enjoy a single one of the GC games. Twin Snakes took Metal Gear, and twisted it beyond belief. The whole scene where the ninja cut the ceiling, flipped and kicked it toward snake made me put down the controller, turn off the console, and sell it on ebay. I'm not kidding either.

    As for being a Sony fanboy, I highly disagree. The last game I played on it was Katamari, and I never bought the network adapter or anything like that. I love the Xbox and the 360, but I'll always love Sony's offerings as well. All-in-all, I'm just anti-Nintendo.
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    Just gaming taste then I guess. :)

    For example Mario Golf for GC, I really love that game. It reminds me of Hot Shots golf only better. Only the very last course is even Mario themed... so it is just a good/fun golf game where the players are Nintendo mascots. Same with many of the "Mario" sports games, to me. At their core they are just good/fun renditions of each sport, you could take the Mario theme away and they would still be great.

    Mario Party, man... there is 7 of them now. I think they can be fun, but have had no reason to play more then one of them.

    I also really like F-Zero GX, incredibly hard single player campaign. Also, the GC gets a good number of PS2 games as well (Viewtiful Joe, etc.) and they usually look better. So when a game is on both platforms I chose the GC version, plus I like the controller better and the prices are sometimes cheaper.

    I'm sure neither of us has played every game the system has to offer. *shrugs*
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    Not a Nintendo game. In fact, it's a sequel to a Saturn game called Radiant Silvergun, and Ikaruga was original a Dreamcast game.

    The only reason it matters is if he liked this game but no other game on the list...lol
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    Yes, I know. :) But it was released on the GameCube and it is the only system it is on that is still in retail! ;)
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    I kinda liked this one:
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    thats kinda cool and it looks like the slim ps2 is stranglely reflected between the words playstaion and the number 3. maybe i am seeing things. i need to get out more.
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    You're seeing things, but not the right things. It should look like a PS3...
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    That picture is on point.....looks real nice;)


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