Wiimote batteries.

Discussion in 'Games' started by sam10685, Mar 30, 2007.

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    i'm going through loads of AA batteries for the wiimote. i don't understand why nintendo didn't make recharble wiimotes. i don't really want to buy a 3rd party wii hardware product because i've had numerous bad experiences with 3rd party hardware stuff. are there rechargeable AA batteries that you guys would and wouldn't recommend? any help would be apppereciated.
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    I use one of those duracell 15 minutes NiMH battery charger. Very fast to charge and batteries last forever. Plus, it takes less space than those huge remote docks. It's a little expensive but it works so well.
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    What about the Wii Charge Station? I know you said no 3rd party hardware, but it's gotten good reviews over at ebgames.com (4.5 stars based off of 138 reviews).
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    Sky Blue

    Buy some rechargeable batteries.
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    Get yourself a good set of rechargeable batteries. Have some ready to go when the others crap out. I need to get some more since I have a 360 now also. We're scrapping for batteries here also.
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    Energizer 2500 mAh rechargeables here; I'd have no trouble recommending them to anyone.
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    Strangely, I have had to change batteries only once since buying my Wii at the end of January. I shut off rumble and the wiimote speaker in most cases, except when playing wiisports tennis every now and then. On R-type alone I've spent a good half-dozen hours, plus equally as much on excitetruck and quadruple that on Zelda TP. Additionally I've used the Wiimote for hours scanning news, creating Miis, and playing original super mario bros. Since buying a classic controller, I've clocked in at least a dozen hours or more on recently purchased VC games using the batteries in the same Wii remote.

    The batteries are Duracell. I conclude that one or more of the following must be true:
    1) I'm living in the Twilight Zone
    2) I lucked out and got a wiimote that does not eat batteries (indicator BTW still says batteries at good strength)
    3)Wiimotes only eat batteries if rumble and/or built-in speaker are used.
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    I've got the Duracell 2650 mAH NiMH batteries for my wiimotes. $10 at Kroger for 4 (I got them on sale for $8) If you've already got a charger, it's a great deal.
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    You should definitely get some rechargables. Best Buy sell one from engergizer i believe. It's a muliti charger for all different size batteries. Stay away from that one it's a piece of junk.
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    For a dose of irony, I'm using Sony-branded 2500mAH batteries. Amazon has 4 plus an auto-shutoff charger for $20-25 bucks; I bought another set to always have a fresh-charged pair. They work very well, and although they "seem" to run out of power sooner than I'd expect, it's more likely that I'm playing more than I realize (haven't added up time per game in a while; that would be a good feature - maybe a parental control??)

    My original wish was that Nintendo would make remotes integrally rechargeable via a console plug-in. Since that hasn't happened, I'd definitely do batteries over a 3rd-party charge solution - a little cheaper and a lot less bulky.
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    Thank you to all of you guys very much! :) :)
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    Uniross 2500mAh, bought 8 off eBay for £12.99. 2 hour charger. Never stopped playing a game because of dead batteries.

    Got a mountain of Uniross and Energizer 2700mAh's for BT keyboards, land phones, remotes etc anyways. I'm surprised they even still make non-rechargeables.
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    I use rechargeable (Duracell) batteries and a 15 minute 4-battery charger.
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    Do the 15 minute chargers require a specific battery? I bought my batteries not even a month before I saw the Duracell and Enigizer fast chargers.

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    I don't believe so, but I use my Duracell batteries with the Duracell charer. It was really cheap too.
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    I purchased the Nyko charger recently, and love it. Love to have a stand to put the remotes on while I'm not playing. I also like the rubber grips that they put on the battery cover. Gives the controller a much nicer, and needed, grip.

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