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Will a Apple 15 Studio LCD work with my Bran New G5 2.5 Power Mac

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by TheBunnellFarm, Oct 25, 2004.

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    I need to use the inexpensive ( used from ebay ) monitor for my new G5 2.5, I think that it needs a ADC connection or something like that, will these monitors work with this computer please.

    Thank You
  2. jsw
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    My recollection is that you have a 6800 Ultra video card. If so, it has two DVI ports but no ADC port. The DVI->ADC converter costs $99 from Apple, and it's so expensive because (aside from the captive market) it provides a power supply (ADC is DVI plus power plus USB in one cable).

    On the other hand, I am certain you could sell the 6800 to someone who would trade you an older ADC-enabled card and money, meaning you could actually not have to spend anything else. Otherwise, I think that $99 adapter is required.
  3. jsw
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    The $99 isn't all that bad of an investment, and I assume you've already purchased the LCD monitor for a good price. I didn't mean to imply that you needed to sell the 6800 (although using a 6800 Ultra to power a 15" LCD monitor is somewhat equivalent to using a dragster engine to power a lawn mower).

    However, if you do decide to sell the 6800 - which will likely involve trading it for a different card - please be advised that you should receive the other card first before shipping off your brand new state-of-the-art card to parts unknown. It's just safer that way.

    Also, FYI, removing and replacing the video card is trivially easy, and the only thing you need to be worried about is properly grounding yourself, which is also easy to do.

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    Thanks Valentine, you saved me some grief and money on two fronts.

    I called and changed my Apple order to a stock 9800/128 and saved that money for now and now I know the LCD 15 won`t work, I have one picked out on ebay with a 8 foot cord but unless I can find that adapter for a good price on ebay, which I probably won`t, I`ll need to do something different.

    Here is the plan and the reason for the Jet engine in a volkswagon and the small LCD Plan.

    First, I am sacrificing A monitor so I can get the 2.5 G5 and then add the new monitor later, thinking even a common CRT would work untill then,

    Second, I joined the Developer program and Paid the $500 so I got back $400 of it on my computer purchase and also get Tiger right now with the deal,

    Now, November 22 in Seattle is a Apple Developer Show, My folks live there so I booked a Sun Country flight and will spend thanksgiving with them and do the Apple Show at the same time, fat cat loves it.

    They say bring your PowerBook as workshops and Apple people will be there all day for primers,

    So, I think hummmm...

    I already plan to use my G5 as a portable ( With the projector and all ) now what do I do, hummmm...

    I got it, I get a Apple 15 inch LCD from ebay for about $250, then, I go to the, convention I call it,.. big deal for peon,.. and I set up with my 8 foot cord the monitor to the G5 and with my Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse, one fat cat.

    My money is low is the reason for all this, I got a brand new Martin guitar John Mayer Signiture Edition for $2718, retailes for $4499
    and the new BenQ 6200 for $1050 after rebates and the Canon Xl1s is nearly purchased for $2500, the computer comes in at $4000, so with the $500 developer and the flight to Seattle my $12,000 is gone.

    BaboProductions is born, DVDDigital Studios exists.

    I`m making documenteries for PBS and Vidio`s and what not.

    I have a anti-drug program I am taking to new levals, it`s called Adult-Americans-Against-Marijuana-and-Amphetamines.com and Student-Americans-Against-Marijuana-and-Amphetamines.com ie aaama.org and saama.org, TheBunnellFarm.com is a for profit financier for the drug program as well as myself.

    Large breath, so thanks for your help.

  5. jsw
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    Sounds like you have found a better solution. However, if you're going to use the dual-2.5 G5 as a "portable", then you are far, far stronger than I am. I don't know if it's the 45 lb weight or the knife-like edges on the handles, but I've given up on carrying mine from place to place.... ;)

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    I only transport it occasionly, that helps, I found the adapter on ebay for $28.99 plus $4.99 shipping,..one fat cat again, thanks, Tom

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