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Will a corporate cd work?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by excalibur313, Mar 25, 2006.

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    This may seem like a weird question but I have a intel mac with work and I know that my work buys a site license for XP pro SP2 but it is a corporate cd. Is it different enough to make a difference in making the cd required for installing it on the intel mac?
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    afaik the only difference between corporate and regular is corporate has no activation. of course, i'm not sure of the legality of such a thing.
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    Yep I installed from a SP2 Corporate CD. Worked perfectly and no activation, like the previous user said.
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    do you think it coudl be done with virtual PC install discs? i know its a long shot but thats all that i have at the moment....
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    does anyone have any idea? i need to know if i'll have to go out and buy XP or not because i really wnat to do this
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    So the VPC cd has VPC and windows xp? How is it set up on the cd? Is there a way you can extract only the windows files to the hard drive to alter an reburn?
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    The Windows CD that comes with VPC is not bootable. However, the Mac patch *may* get around this as it uses Mac boot files.

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