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Will Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard work on my PC?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by toughboy, Nov 11, 2003.

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    in one of the recent post, I've asked about the bluetooth wireless keyboard which apple released, and one of the pals said that it will not work on any PC.. any comments on this?

    one of the reasons I'm planing to buy a wireless keyboard is using it with my dual platforms, but if it wont work on my PC, then it's not logical to buy it..

    on the other hand, I have a Microsoft Wireless intelli mouse plugged in my 12"PB and it works wonderful just like it does with my PC, why Apple's keyboard wouldnt???
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    Doesn't just about anything require a driver in Windoze? Is there a Windoze driver for Apple's keyboard?
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    I use the bluetooth keyboard with both my windows (XP Pro) PC and my iBook. Works just fine with both, I'd make sure you use the bluetooth adapter apple say you must use on your PC though.

    I didnt really need to set anything up with my PC just make sure it was discovering devices (beaware that you often need to press a keyboard key to make it active and dicoverable, when starting up the PC etc). You dont pair the PC with the device though so you may end up typing on both your computers at one if your not careful.

    Good luck with it, It definitely works.
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    XP and Apple BT Keyboard

    Sabbath - I would like to hear a detailed description of how you got this to work. Are you using a plug-in adapter (like Belkin BT Adapter)? Did you have to have a hardwire keyboard active to set up the BT keyboard? Do you have a specific driver for the BT keyboard? It would be great if you had a step-by-step guide as it would help many people. Thanks.
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    I dont have time to write a step by step account right now, Im busy working till the weekend. Ill rustle up what I did then. Just wanted to let you know Id seen the message and Im on to it.

    In answer to the adapter it is the one the D-Link one that Apple say you must use. However I replied to a similar post on a different forum, the guy finally managed to get the keyboard to work using a Belkin F8T100 however he had to hack some drivers to do it (I really didnt need to do anything special just plug in install and go). He also states in an email to me "I found the Wireless Apple keyboard only works with the latest Widcomm drivers (which I assume you must have with your D-Link dongle)"

    Anyway more details to come.
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    if you want to use apple hardware then get a mac...
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    :rolleyes: Sometimes you just wanna hit people straight in the face...
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    go ahead, hit me. its simple, use pc stuff with pc and mac with mac. otherwise get some taste and don't use a horrible pc at all. the pc world is full of freaks that think they can do as they want to others computers. the odd horrible occasion I do need to use a pc I am floored by how popup browser windows open even when your browser isn't open.

    its a nasty platform and I will never understand how someone can use it without going insane.

    anyway thats off topic so end rant..
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    yes, I agree.

    The most effective way to convert someone is not to help them out but to piss them off. Way to go blueboy.
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    i'm just keepin' it real yo! :)
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    The issue with using another platforms keyboard is simply that the keys don't quite match up. Mice are pretty much all the same, but a Mac keyboard and a PC one have different keys, so because of that, you would benefit to have one for each, but not necessary I suppose.
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    well maybe in their job, they need to use both platforms or maybe in 3 different platforms. With that in mind using a single keyboard for 3-4 different computers would be nice now wouldn't it?
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    another experience

    Just got the Apple Wireless keyboard and couldn't find a d-link usb adaptor so I bought the microsoft bluetooth mouse instead and thought I would try the bluetooth hub that comes with the mouse as the connection device.

    The setup was not exactly straightforward. The Microsoft software does not really explain what you have to do to authorize the keyboard. I also happen to have a 12" powerbook with bluetooth so I used that to check the keyboard was working ok. Apple does a better job at explaining how to authorize the device. Once you understand the procedure it's easy.

    how to connect:
    The MS wireless link software will generate a passkey (after you have found new hardware) - when you press next button you should type the passkey given by the software using the wireless keyboard and then press the return key - while the software connects to the keyboard. The new hardware will be authorized and you will get a message in the os saying "new hardware found" and "new hardware ready to use"

    Hope this helps to anyone else wanting to use the keyboard on their pc.



    PS. Apple has always made great keyboards - and this is definitely one of them!
  14. jtk
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    I'm also trying to use an apple wireless keyboard with my pc (Win Xp pro).
    And I found out that you need to have WIDCOMM bluetooth software 1.4.2 or higher (I have 1.4.2 build 10) no matter what buletooth devices you have (I think) most of them use WIDCOMM software,my bluetooth device came with WIDCOMM 1.3.7 , with that software, it could not find the apple keyboard but after upgrade to 1.4.2 it found the keyboard. It was little tricky to upgrade to 1.4.2 version. If anyone is interested, ask me how

    anyway, my problem is I can not pair the keyboard. The computer (now) finds the keyboard and then ask to type pairing initial key on keyboard but eventhough I type the initial key number and press enter key on keyboard , it keeps saying "there is no respond from the device" message , I tried many many times but same result, Seems like the keyboard is not working. Is it something wrong with the keyboard? or am I doing something wrong?
    By the way, on the keyboard, the caps lock light does not light up eventhough I press the caps key, is this nomal? is it b/c I didn't pare them yet? or is this keyboard broken?:confused:
    well on the bottom power light is blinking so I know I put the batteries correctly, at least. :rolleyes:

    Please help ~~
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    bottom power light blinking

    Hi jtk,
    hmm - sounds similar to what was happening with me.
    Go through the passkey stage - remember the number.
    After hitting the next button the software tries to connext to the keyboard - type the passkey on the keyboard - and press the return key.
    I have found that before you go searching for new hardware you switch the keyboard off and on again - make sure you have the solid green light showing - then go for it.
    Hope this helps.

  16. jtk
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    thank you for your respond , motionid
    When do I turn the power swith off and on again? before the computer searches for new BT hardwares? or after the keyboard is found but before the pairing stage?
    And the sold green light only up for 2 seconds and then goes to blinking , do you mean I need to type the PIN Code during that 2 sec ?
    Thank you for your time
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    keyboard power + others

    Hey jtk,
    hmm - switch the power to the keyboard before you do a hardware search.
    It should still be fine by the time you reach the authorize section.
    As far as the blinking light goes, I didn't realize that it only stayed like that for 2 secs.
    So I guess you just switch on, search for new hardware, proceed to authorize section and type in the passcode when you get one - and don't forget to press the return key.
    Hope you succeed :)
  18. jtk
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    Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! I found the problem , I was using Microsoft RF keyboard, I took out the keyboard and the re start the computer and then just by using mouse I try to pair the Bt keyboard and then it worked!!! I guess the RF keyboard was the problem. I'm typing this with my new apple wireless keyboard. this is cool!
    Thank you!

    by the way do you guys know about applekey app, this is cool freeware app that make those F13 ~F16 and Mute , sound UP, sound Down works on windows.
    check it out


    by the way for those who are interesting on WIDCOMM 1.4.2 software, check this forum
    http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/showthread.php?threadid=106274&highlight=widcomm 1.4..10

    you need WIDCOMM 1.4.2 driver and then if you have licence problem, either try to hack it by yourself or get the hacked files from other (search the forum)

    :D :D :D
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    I have a KVM with a PC (PS/2) keyboard, running a Mac, a PC, and a Sun Ultra 5. The PC Alt key is the Apple Option key. The function keys are OK; the Mac doesn't need the three weirdo keys (Print Screen, Scroll Lock, Pause). However, I have a problem in that there seems to be no PC key equivalent to cloverleaf (Command), so I have a Mac keyboard plugged in, too. Any ideas?
  20. jtk
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    AHHH!! New problem:mad: :( :mad: :(
    Everytime I restart the computer , I have to repair the keyboard.
    How can I fix this problem????
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    I had this problem using the WIDCOMM bluetootk stack, when I switched over to the Windows XP bluetooth stack (specifically SP2) it worked fine.
    Windows XP SP1 will probably work too
  22. jtk
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    Thank you for your reply
    Where can I get the Windows XP bluetooth stack ?
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    The simple version is available to download for SP1, the more advanced version is in SP2 but HID devices will still work with SP1.
    What Bluetooth module do you have?
  24. jtk
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    I'm not at home right now , so I don't know the module name.
    By the way , is SP1 = service pack 1 ?
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    Thanks for your help. I'm now typing on my Apple Bluetooth Keyboard, viewing my Apple 20" flatscreen, hooked to my PC Icecube running XP professional. I'm using a Belkin Bluetooth USB dongle F8T003 v.2 and stack downloaded from Belkin's website. No hacking necessary. Soon enough I'll be pairing my monitor and keyboard with a Powerbook and using Remote Desktop to access programs on the XP box. This ia awesome! WooHoo.

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