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Will Apple drop the TV price in the UK now rentals are out?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by nick9191, Jun 4, 2008.

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    Well at Macworld they dropped the price of the TV to about the same price it was costing them to make it? Why? Because they knew not enough were buying it, and they thought they could pick up the money from people using the TV to buy content off the store, and they knew that a lot of people, thinking 40gb wasn't enough would go for the 160. What I don't understand is why they dropped the TV price in Canada in jan even though film rentals only arrived today, freaking ripping us off.

    Anyway as it stands the price of the TV is $229, or £199 (which is nearly $400) :rolleyes: however now that film rentals are here surely they should drop the price to at least £149? Perhaps we will see a few new features added at WWDC, and new sizes and pricepoints?

    Maybe 80gb £149, then 250gb £229.
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    it's possible. we will just have to see.
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    I'd have thought they'll drop the price...
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    Well if they did, I would finally take the plunge and get one!
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    At 150 I would buy 2.
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    At £140-£150 my Uncle will buy one, I might be tempted too, but I think my TV is too old.
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    You guys can always buy through eBay.
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    I have to admit, the thing thats holding me back from getting an AppleTV is the possibility of an immediate discount
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    I bought a refurb of the Apple store UK. £135 and it's mint!
  10. smr
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    Nearly three weeks on and still no price drop....

    Apple UK's pricing on the Apple TV is clearly out of line with their other products:

    iPod Classic: $249 = £159 or $1.57 = £1.00
    iPod Nano: $149 = £99 or $1.51 = £1.00
    iMac: $1199 = £799 or $1.50 = £1.00

    AppleTV: $229 = £199 or $1.15 = £1.00

    As the original poster suggested, using the exchange rate for Apple's other products the AppleTV should now be £149 (which would be $1.54 = £1.00)

    Surely the same arguments about movie sales subsidising the hardware cost apply in the UK now we can rent/buy movies?

    I am another potential buyer waiting for the UK price to drop - but now wondering if it will?
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    I have no idea why Apple haven't at least offered an explanation for not reducing the price of the UK/euro version, has the canadian version not had a price reduction too?

    Maybe apple will reduce the price internationally if they update (i've speculated that they might put in the atom processor, since its cheaper and cooler) the :apple:TV around august along with, possibly, the rest of the iPod line?
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    I'd buy one to replace my Sky Movies package but I'd want a 160GB drive as standard (come on Apple - 160GB drives don't cost £70 more than 40GB drives, in fact they don't even cost £70!!)

    I'd probably go for a 160GB :apple:TV at £199 but ideally £179 or less.

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    i just imported a refurb 160gb from usa, got hit with tax, ended up costing £200 all in, remote control is a bit scratched but unit isnt. flashed it with aTV flash 3, downloaded from bit-torrent.
    the buyers guide should include :apple:tv, period.
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    Find me a 160GB 2.5" IDE drive that costs less than £70.

    Edit: I take that back, HD prices have tanked since I last looked.
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