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Will apple let me have discount?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Liquinn, Aug 15, 2013.

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    If my student ID is 2 weeks out of date?
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    I think it would still work.
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    Should I try it? What if they get picky? :(
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    Mr Rabbit

    Doesn't hurt to try. They will more than likely be understanding if you haven't had an opportunity to renew your ID yet.
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    Best to buy it over the phone. I am UK based and a part time student, and yet technically fully employed. I spoke to the Sales team (dedicated team for the UK, but based in Texas!) and they were very helpful - gave me the full uni discount, which is quite substantial saving. I had plently of emails and evidence of my study courses etc, but I have a feeling they wouldn't have really needed too much! Good customer service!
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    Order online.

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    Yep, use the Apple Edu store online.

    Never had to provide my Uni information at all or be on my campus network at the time.

    (I'm in the UK)

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