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Will Apple Release a Cheaper Air?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by SteelBlueTJ, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Doubt it with the updates just 2 months ago. Apple usually doesn't "randomly" drop their price that out of sync with regular schedule.
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    They just knocked $100 off several variants of the Air last month. It'll be a while before they do so again.
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    No, considering that most of the competing Ultrabooks are inferior to the Air, with the exception of perhaps the Asus Zenbook and Samsung Series 9 which are about the same price or even more expensive than the Air.
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    I'd rather not start an entirely new thread, so would buying a fully loaded 2012 MBA for school this fall be a smart move, or do you think Apple will release an updated retina display equipped version soon?
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    I'd expect a 13" rMBP in the not too distant future, but I doubt we'll see a retina Air that quickly - maybe next year.
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    Wishful thinking from you and me both...lol
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    Carl Sagan

    No. That'd cut into the top end of iPad sales too much.
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    No, Apple has never had a laptop below $900. People are willing to pay for the quality, Mac's tend to last longer than PC's. Apple is a business and they do not care about the low end because the profit margin is too small.

    Apple has said time and again they will not sell inferior products just to get a lower price point. Why diminish your reputation and cut into a high margin product like the iPad?
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    Perfect summary.

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