will apple rename macbook air macbook

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by tim100, Jul 22, 2011.

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    will apple rename macbook air macbook next gen?
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    No, it would not make sense ;)
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    Yes, they will. The next gen Macbook Pro's will be thin and tapered like the MBA, they won't even have a disc drive. Then it wouldn't make sense to keep calling the MBA the Air and it will become the Macbook.
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    Eventually. If I had to bet I'd give it another cycle or two.
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    Air stands for lightness.... Just using the wordmacbook does not cut it in this sense
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    I can see that happening after the MacBook Pro refresh
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    Why not rename the Pro to MacBook? I'd see that happening considering in order to be a "pro" there must be a "base". And AIR represents its extreme portability.

    Or better yet leave them both as is.
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    It could happen, especially if they introduce and even lighter, thinner model using an ARM processor which could take the AIR moniker.
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    Id prefer they first rename the iMac "Mac".
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    maybe they'll make the current base macbook pros into 'macbooks' and upgrade the macbook pros to all have dedicated graphics cards

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