Will Apple ship ON release day?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by skiltrip, Sep 2, 2010.

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    Will Apple ship ON the release day, or will they ship so we receive it on release day?

    Reason I ask is because Amazon will ship pre-ordered books in advance. For example, any time there was a new Harry Potter book, they'd ship it to you a couple days before the actual release date, so you'd have it in your hands on launch day. Seems fair to anyone who actually pre-ordered.

    Just wondering how Apple has done it in the past. And have they even ever done pre-orders on iPods before?
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    Apple typically ships such that you RECEIVE it on the release date, given that they have enough inventory.

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    i'm going to guess that they will ship in advance to hit on the release day. they did that with iPhone 4. though I will tell you that it won't be in stores until at least the 8th because they don't want stores to give them out the back to school thing, thats the reason behind the week delay.
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    Cool. That's what I thought. Logical.
    Hopefully they'd send them out Early in the week, say Monday. With a delivery date of either Wed or Thurs. That would put them way ahead of the 10th-14th delivery estimate they give. But I think Apple tends to exaggerate their shipping time so you get really happy when it comes quicker than expected.
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    I ordered the 64Gb model yesterday when it became available online and my order says "Delivers: Sep 10 - Sep 14 by Standard Shipping."
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    As I said in my post above, that could very well be an exaggerated shipping time.

    I recently ordered a couple 3rd gen touches from the Apple store online, and I got them at least a half a week before the delivery estimate originally given.

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