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Will apple's mini DVI to DVi adaptor work w/ my dell 2007FPW?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by mhiero, Mar 23, 2007.

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    I just got an iMac but cant hook up my Dell 2007 FPW yet cuz I need the mini DVI adapter from apple. Will apples work? because I rerad some monitors arent compatible with it
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    Why wouldn't it? a.k.a yes will.
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    I was reading reviews on the apple site and some people said it didnt work. it was a different type of DVI or something.
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    Then those people are idiots. I've got a Dell 2007wfp hooked up to the Apple adapter right now.

    What the "different type of DVI" means is that it's DVI-D instead of what most video cards have, which is DVI-I. DVI-D contains the digital signal only, meaning you can't tack on a DVI-to-VGA adapter onto it to make it work with a VGA monitor. If you want to use a VGA monitor, you have to buy the miniDVI-to-VGA adapter rather than just using the miniDVI-to-DVI with another adapter.

    In short, any monitor with real digital input (which would be every LCD on the market today) will work with the Apple miniDVI-to-DVI adapter.
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    it will work :apple:
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    Thanks! ;) ;) ;)

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